Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One Day

Another day, another bank failure.

Stocks have just dropped... again. The Bear is sleeping.

The house three doors down has a FOR SALE sign, just like the one across the street.

The neighbor was laid off from work, and unable to find more.

Budgets are cut. Jobs are lost.

The cost of gasoline goes up.

Bread costs three dollars a loaf, and milk costs as much as gas per gallon.

But NBC has a new REALITY TV show... something about people jumping through a moving wall.

Then one day.

The supermarket is low on food.

The government has limited what you can withdraw from your bank.

You are out of work. Your house is no longer yours, and it sits, empty.

Your kids are hungry.

What do you do then?

Will you be willing to think outside of the box?

Will you be willing to grow your own food?

Will you be willing to hunt for your own food?

What if you get sick? There are no more pills. What will you do?

Thankfully, humans have been through all this before.

The plants that our ancestors used for food, shelter, clothing, fire, and medicine STILL EXIST (at least, we haven't wiped out most of them yet).

So, now, you're homeless. You are hungrier than your kids. Your spouse is sick.

Which plant will you use?

Will you be willing to use the one plant that can feed you, clothe you, and heal you?

How about if it could make you rich again, and let you drive your car?

Please support H.R. 5843. It's time to wake up.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I hate greedy capitalists. I also hate communists.

So, what's my answer?


I started this blog many moons ago because I wanted to stand out against the skewed standards of my society.

I was inspired by the ego-bloated right-wing talking heads like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Neal boortz.

I don't have talent on loan from God. I am not the high priest of the church of the painful truth.

I am a sour monkey that wants to rattle the cages.

War, guerrilla philosophy, and political morality were my starting points, but I've evolved since then.

You see, for a long time, I've searched for the missing link. I analyzed what is known to better understand what is unknown (and of the unknown, there is far too much).

I realized that I can learn and not have to pay for it. I realized that for everything we know, there is always much more that is not known. I've realized that is it ALWAYS that which we don't know that obfuscates the truth from our comprehension. And I did it all without student loans.

Yesterday, I checked my worker profile on the Texas Workforce Commission website. The commission informed me that I could not ask for more than $10.20 an hour when applying for a job through the Workforce Commission.

One of the things I hate about America is all the greedy capitalists that, through their own ignorance, actually function as communists.

I mean, seriously. Texas is a strongly Republican, pro-capitalism state. So why is the state commission telling me that I am not worth more than $10.20 an hour as a future employee? Do I suddenly live in China? And why do Texas citizens that proudly proclaim their capitalist's faith continue to censor the free market and criminalize other citizens for using one of humanity's most resourceful botanical cultivars?

It doesn't make sense.

And this is the point of RATTLE THE CAGE.

THE CAGE IS AN IRRATIONAL ILLUSION that we all perpetuate against the betterment of our lifestyles.

And this is so because mainstream American social systems REQUIRE IT.

In other words, to be a normal, mainstream American, YOU must buy into the notion that paper tests can measure intelligence, that classroom boxes can somehow educate your kids, that the government has all the answers, that your life and work have a defined dollar value, that you must go into debt to get an education, and that personal freedom is secondary to national security.

Don't you get it yet? This is not America, at least, not as explicitly defined in the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.

If you are an American, you are living a lie. At the same time, we've sent our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters off to foreign lands to die for this lie.

At this point, RATTLE THE CAGE isn't enough to wake the masses from their authoritarian enslavement.

It's time to up the ante.

I'm taking this thing into 4D. Stay tuned for THE RESTORATION OF HUMAN HERITAGE.

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Resume

Here's what i can do:

I have a crazy green thumb. I can grow just about anything that produces chlorophyl.

I can diagnose most plant diseases. If you have a plant that is dying, I can tell you how to fix it.

I have an encyclopedia for a brain. If you need help with a problem, more often than not, I can find a solution for you.

I know how to tell poisonous plants from edible plants (and even how to turn some of the poisonous plants into foods). This will come in handy when an economic crisis results in fewer foods in the stores.

I can show you how to successfully grow your own food, medicine, and industrial fibers.

I know how to grow organically, without using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

I know how to locate water, and how to purify contaminated water.

My extensive anthropological training has equipped me with many skills, such as how to read a person's body language, and how to see beyond the veil of cultural boundaries, not to mention that I have an extensive understanding of human population dynamics and the life-cycles of human societies.

I crave challenges. I thrive on problem-solving. I realize that there are a thousand ways to tackle any given problem.

I am highly creative, eager to learn new information, and finely tuned at thinking outside of the box.

I am an avid reader, and I know how to hunt for new information.

I am an artist, and I write, draw, build, and compose music just because I can.

I know my way around a recording studio, and I can design any sound imaginable.

In my daily life, I am friendly, compassionate, and eager to help anyone in need to the best of my ability.

I can do all this for you, and do it with 110% effort.

Here is what I can't do:

I can't sell stupid shit to mindless consumers. Sorry (and unfortunately, this means I can't work in 95% of the American workplace).

I can't sell materialistic shit that every fucking capitalist has their greedy paws in trying to scratch out a profit from.

I can't work for a clueless, out-of-touch boss.

I can't stomach the lies that my society spews out everyday.

I can't stand being just a number in the bottom line.

I won't work a meaningless job.

I am worth more than $12 an hour. If you want to pay me this, I'll only give you $6 an hour worth of work (the other six is counted as a "clueless boss" tax).

I don't have a god-damned college degree. I measured this cost, and decided that this fucking piece of paper wasn't worth the cost: $30,000 in debt plus the inflationary value of currency compounded by the fact that just because I paid for the paper doesn't mean I'm still going to get a job that pays more than $12 an hour. You can keep the god damned degree. If you're too stupid to not recognize my potential because I don't have a piece of paper, then you're just a moron, and you can save the job for some other tool.

So, this is my ontological resume.

I think the only solution for me, when it comes to finding work, is to be self employed.

Thus, I'm starting my own jobs (three, actually).

Oh, and if I need to, I know that a 10 foot by 10 foot garden bed filled with cannabis plants can turn $40,000 -$120,000 in only three months.

Each your heart out, capitalists.

That's my backup plan.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sheep with the right to OPEN-CARRY

People may wonder why I hate on America so much.

I call it "tough love."

One thing I do hate is America's obsession with guns.

The first Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Then, the second Amendment states:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The implicit idea being, that the second amendment protects the first (and vice versa, of course).

But then, things get complicated.

Can a gun owner open-carry or conceal-carry his firearm? This is a topic that Texans are very passionate over. But, it's just plain stupid, and it proves how stupid both Texans and Americans have become.

The reason why America's public schools suck is because centralized governments REQUIRE stupid people in order to wage political power.

We've become sheep in a land of a relative few shepherds.

And the guns just prove it.

So, go ahead America. argue about your right to carry a weapon intended to kill someone while at the same time you criminalize someone that carries a plant intended to heal.

You just prove your stupidity to the shepherds.

Say Hello to my Little Friends (reprise)

Papaver somniferum- The Opium poppy. This plant was worshipped by central Asian cultures, and goddess statues devoted to the poppy were found in some of our earliest cities in the Fertile Crescent.

The plant in the picture grew from seeds purchased at an organic foods store for fifty cents. A test subject identified the active agents- morphine, and a complex array of other opiates. The human nervous system produces its own opiates in the form of endorphins.

These poppies are legal to cultivate in the U.S., although law enforcement may be prone to do some weeding. It blows my mind that junkies that sell their souls and homes to get high on heroine from terrorists in the middle east could simply grow their own botanically purer, and much, much safer drug in their own backyard. America is truly stranger than fiction.

Ipomoea tricolor- the Morning Glory. This plant was worshipped by the Aztecs and Toltects primarily, but also by the Maya. active agents- Lysergic acid mono-amide, or LSA, a chemical relative of LSD. This plant was discovered by the Zealous Spanish missionaries who tried to burn it out of Mesoamerican existence. They failed. It was rediscovered by the '60's, but Uncle Sam doesn't seem to be worried about it. This one is LEGAL to cultivate. The human nervous system produces serotonine, which is related to LSA. LSA molecules bind to serotonine receptors in the central nervous system.

Psychotria viridis- "chacruna"- this plant is deified in Amazonian, Andean, and Central American shamanic cultures. active agents- DMT. Previously, the FDA and the DEA thought DMT was a synthetic hallucinogen, like LSD. DMT is actually one of the most potent AND widespread botanical hallucinogens. DMT is a phototropic auxin; it regulates the circadian rhythms of plants. DMT amounts concentrated in the leaves and stems are highest in the morning and after sunset. Curiously, DMT is also produced in the pineal gland of the human (and mammalian) brain (AND it also regulates circadian rhythms in animals). In effect, although this plant, being a botanical producer of DMT, is questionably legal to cultivate, it doesn't matter, because both the cultivator of the plant and the law enforcement officer that might arrest the cultivator of this plant are producers of DMT, a Schedule 1 narcotic under the 1969 Controlled Substances Act.

Funny how poorly informed, poorly written, and dangerously outdated laws can fuck up important facts about life on Earth.

Salvia divinorum- there's a lot of bad press about this plant. Its a damn shame when heresay and paranoia suffice for facts in the media, but that's our media! Salvia divinorum was and is still worshipped by the rural folk of Central America and Oaxaca, Mexico. Active agents- salvinorin A and B. Toxicity is low, and the hallucinogenic effects are potent yet short lasting. Salvia divinorum, or Diviner's Mint, was and still is central to shamanic divination in southern Mexico. "Ska pastora", (The Leaf of the Shepherdess, another christianized name) is an important medicinal herb as well. The salvinorin terpenes are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral. LEGAL to cultivate and consume. It's too bad the monkeys in congress want to ban this artifact of ancient horticulture because the disillusioned children of America want to get high. We just might have something to learn from this plant.

Passiflora edulis- Passionvine- worshipped by Mesoamericans like the Aztecs and Maya. The Spanish tried to alter the religious (or "satanic") significance of the vine, and so convinced the natives to call the plant by the Christianized name, "the Flower of the Passion". Passionvine is a mild CNS depressant. Active agents- Harmaline, beta carbolines: MAOI (mono-amine oxydase inhibitor), thus, the leaves and sap were used to amplify the effects of other plant hallucinogens. This plant is LEGAL to eat and cultivate, although it's use as a drug is still cautioned.

Datura inoxia- a very potent hallucinogen, causing acute delirium that can last for days. The person intoxicated on datura can not tell dreams or nightmares from reality. active agents- atropine, scopolamine, hyoscyamine. Datura was worshipped by native america tribes. It was used during puberty rites to prepare children for adult hood. Medicinally, datura was used as an anelgesic, and to relieve insect bites. The Maya produced powdered drug extracts from Datura that were used to paralyze sacrificial victims. Modern Mesoamerican witchcraft and fringe voodoo cults still use drug extracts of datura to poison, curse, enslave, and kill.

The Tropane Alkaloids of datura mimic the action of endogenous acetylcholine and bind to cholinergic receptors in the central nervous system. These receptors seem to regulate dream stages to some degree, yet so little is still known in cognitive neuroscience. So much to learn!

Datura is LEGAL to cultivate, yet illegal to eat. Datura is sold at many garden centers around the nation.

Brugmansia aurea- a potent hallucinogen, causing acute delirium for days on end. It also causes amnesia. Highly toxic. worshiped by the Inca, the Maya, and Amazonian tribes. The blooms and leaves were used in Andean, Amazonian, and Mayan mind control political tactics: powdered extracts were blown at sacrifice victims to paralyze them before a sacrifice; drug extracts were also used to enslave or poison "wrongdoers". Active agents- scopolamine, hyoscyamine (more tropane alkaloids, see DATURA). LEGAL to cultivate, illegal to eat. This plant is sold at garden centers all over the nation. You can get one at Home Depot!

Cannabis sativa- one of humanity's first cultivated crops. ancient humans used it as medicine, as food, as fibers for cultural works, clothing, rope, twine, and tools. It is hands down humanity's most useful crop. active agents- cannabinoids like, THC, CBD. THC is a vasodilator, thus improving blood circulation throughout the body. THC is also effective at dampening overactive nerves, (like in M.S., and Parkinson's Disease), and easing pain. It can help regulate appetites, relieve glaucoma, eczema, and headaches. CBD has been shown to have anti-tumor properties, shutting off the growth of cancerous growth. As a food, cannabis seeds and seed oil are high in essential fatty acids, protein, and trace micronutrients like iron and zinc. It can replace a seafood diet. Essential fatty acids are necessary for healing damaged tissue. In this sense, cannabis is an all around handy medicine to use. It has remarkably low toxicity, and is not chemically addictive like tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, heroine, or coffee.

Curiously, the human nervous system produces anandamide which is our own endogenous cannabinoid (see also the Human Endo-Cannabinoid System). It seems that this plant is not the only producer of the "illegal drug" THC. Every human brain is too! None the less, cannabis is still ILLEGAL to cultivate in the U.S.

Makes sense, don't it?

So, are these plants dangerous drugs? Are they sacred entheogens? Are they special ethnobotanicals that influence the development of human society?

Why do these plants exist? Did God create them? Why do they produce chemicals that function as neurotransmitters in the human central nervous system? Why do humans have neural receptors that bind with the drugs produced by these plants?

Why have they driven economies, religions, and wars throughout history?

And why is it that the really dangerous hallucinogenic drug-producing plants are legal to grow in the U.S., but the less toxic, more beneficial ones are illegal?

Seem backward?

What exactly is going on here...?

are you ready for the truth?

You can call me Brujo...

I'm not content to stand in line and wait my turn like a good citizen. If I have to wait at all, it's probably not worth waiting for.

The pharmaceutical CEOs and the psychiatrists call me ADD.

The people that disagree with me call me crazy.

My professors call me a scholar.

Anthropologists would call me a postmodern shaman.

The Christians might call me an Anarchist. The Muslims might call me unfaithful.

The sleep therapists would probably call me a nightmare.

Law Enforcement would consider me a criminal, if they knew about me.

The Republicans wouldn't call me at all.

God calls me His creation.

I am a son, a loving husband, a scholar.

I am a gardener, a good salesman, and a plant doctor.

I am a musician, storyteller, and artist.

I am human, and as human, so much more.

But you,

you can call me Brujo.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


If I ever met Ayn Rand, I'd tie her up and force her to listen to me rant for at LEAST four hours straight. I'd like to skip all that and just slap her silly, but I prefer to avoid violence and, well, just get to the point.

Atlas Shrugged. The world he carried rolled off. He breathed a sigh of relief. Then, the fucking world rolled back on top of him, killing him.

There. Now you don't have to read the damn book. Instead, read Heaven and Hell by Aldous Huxley. You'll thank me for it later.

I would like to slap Ayn Rand silly for writing that damn book because I know it is a favorite read in Washington D.C.

Thanks to Ayn Rand, we have a whole new political breed of short-sighted whimps.

Atlas failed. He shrugged off the world, weary and weak.

The world rolled back, and ATALS HUGGED. The world stopped.


God, I hate that question.

What a stupid question.

Only a fool would matter-of-factly answer that question.


Because it's a loaded question that has NO ANSWER.

At least, no answer that a mere human can comprehend.

Let's reconsider the question:

Does life begin at conception?

Does life begin at ejaculation or ovulation?

Does life begin when something unmeasurable binds to the measurable?

How do you know?

Does life defy the laws of physics?

What is life?

Never mind how it begins. We can't answer that completely.

There are more important questions to consider.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

An American Half-Time Speech


You are down by 9.5 trillion points (which, ironically, is the same amount as the 2008 national debt).

It's going to take a miracle to overcome this in the second half, but why stop believing now. One thing is for sure, God wants us to work for this. It's time to work.

You've lost your strong production base. Your agrarian economy is overspecialized and weak against a dynamically changing defense. The cost of your energy is skyrocketing, yet your wages have mostly fallen or remained flat. You can't think more than a week in advance. And you are eating shit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

No wonder you suck.

You've also tied your offensive weapons up on the sidelines, and they are tired. How do you expect to keep up with the big dogs again?

Oh, and if I have to hear one more whiney story about overcrowded prisons, underfunded teachers and law enforcement, or the energy crisis, I'm going to PUKE! If you cry to me one more time about the cost of your healthcare, or the cost of your food, or your god-damned children that kill themselves to get high on your fucking pills, or the Mexican mafia that grows marijuana in the national parks, I'm going to retire. You lemmings can run right off the cliff without me.

(and I'll join the mexicans...)

So, America, the second half is in your hands.

You've got to make many changes, about the way you think, and about the way you act.

Now, stop being afraid of those things you don't know. Learn, and adapt. Then, you will win.

Get out there and show the remaining fans what you're made of...

or, you might as well leave the stadium.

Which is it?

are you a sucka, or a winna?

(cue: THEME from "RUDY")

Monday, August 11, 2008


fuck it.

we need MORE WAR.

we need a massive, violent GLOBAL WAR to kill off all this sober-minded, power hungry WAR MONGERS.

Just get rid of them all, and knock the global population down by like 6 billion people.



let the bodies hit the floor.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


1. people get "high" on cannabis because the plant produces secondary metabolites that mimic the action of cannabinoids produced in the human central nervous system. The human body produces its own cannabinoids (the endo-cannabinoid system), and the endogenous cannabinoid Anandamide binds to the same receptor as delta 9 THC (the active cannabinoid in Marijuana).

2. the cannabinoids of Cannabis sativa are active, not only in humans, but in most if not all other mammals. This suggests a co-evolutionary, symbiotic relationship between mammals and flowering plants like Cannabis.

3. anthropologists have proven the antiquity of the use of cannabis by human populations. Cannabis is one of humanity's oldest cultivated plants, and its range of uses as a botanical resource has shaped the progress of human civilization in many ways.

4. Cannabis has at least a 12,000 year history as a botanical resource for human populations. It has been a "dangerous drug" for almost seven decades during this time.

5. Cannabis has been and still can be used as a fiber for rope, clothing, canvas, and American flags. It can be used in construction to make bricks and timber. The oil can be converted into biodegradable biofuel, paint, skin lotion, and food. The cannabinoids of cannabis have many medical applications. All this, and it grows like a weed.

6. Cannabis does all this because humans have shaped its genome over the many millennia of our shared existence on Earth. Cannabis is a living artifact of ancient horticulture.

7. We have a lot to learn from this little plant.

8. Our blindness in these matters is NOT adaptive.

9. Learning to value this plant and use it effectively IS a great adaptive advantage in securing out future as a people, and a nation.

10. or, we can continue to support censorship, and bear the burdens of our ignorance.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Cave

Welcome to the Cave.

You will be living here for the rest of your life. In truth, you have never left the Cave. You have lived in this Cave your whole life and may never have realized it.

Now that you know you are in this Cave, isn't it time to find out what is outside of the Cave?

What is the light that tickles the eyes?

What is the sound that vibrates the ears?

What is the scent that floods the mind with lost memories?

What is the taste of delicious?

What is the touch of love?

What causes those shadows that define your existence?

Are you willing to find out?