Friday, November 20, 2009

Going Rogue

Contrary to what certain beauty pageant winners from Alaska believe about going rogue, doing so requires something more than just saying stuff.

Going Rogue requires an understanding that the status quo is flawed, and that the solutions to fixing the status quo lie in those lesser know regions of epistemology that the status quo has overlooked.

Going Rogue means rejecting certain maladaptive modes of modern society in favor of more traditional modes that have been successful for many millennia.

Going Rogue means leaving behind the corrupted theories of entrenched interests in pursuit of progressive and pragmatic theories that conform to natural laws and cycles.

Going Rogue means not stopping at the accepted ideas, but continuing forward to challenge the accepted ideas and explore the mechanisms behind the unaccepted ideas for the benefit of cultural progress.

Going Rogue means "Saying No" to laws that defy constitutional purpose.

Going Rogue means using an illegal plant to heal the sick, feed the poor, provide shelter for the homeless, cultivate farmland, produce biofuel, and add a new agricultural base for the economy.

Going Rogue means saying "fuck you and your insane ways, I'm doing something better, just watch, and you will learn."

Sarah Palin isn't going rogue.

But someone is.


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