Monday, July 26, 2010

Why ask questions?

Why do American drivers step on the brakes when the traffic light turns red and press the gas when the light turns green?

Why do psychologists define so many mental disorders when science doesn't fully understand the human mind? And why do psychiatrists prescribe so many medicines for the diverse and growing mental disorders that no one seems to fully understand?

Why do the banks get to gamble with our homes, jobs, and savings, utterly lose, and then get rewarded with tax-payer money for their disastrous efforts?

Why is a major natural medicine for the treatment of cancer and neural disorders banned in our free country?

Why are the prisons over crowded?

Why do the Drug Cartels keep getting stronger?

Why does the Military Industrial Complex keep getting bigger?

Why are there so many homeless in a land of bountiful dreams?

Why are the public schools failing?

Why does it have to be so hard to be a teacher?

Why do the religions fight each other?

Why is Reality on television?

Why does Rush Limbaugh have a job?

Why don't Americans know how to grow their own food, or find the wild food that grows all around them?

Why don't Americans choose better food to eat?

Why don't we know how to take better care of our health? Why must we be dependent on the free market or the government for healthcare?

Why is the American family unit in decline? Is it the decline of the extended family and the economic reality of a Two Working-Parent Household, or is it just Gay Marriage?

Why bother asking these questions if one doesn't bother to look for the answers?