Sunday, May 30, 2004

the War on Terrorism

I have a pretty radical view on this issue, and I get lots of heat for it, but at least listen to what I have to say...

U.S. violence only perpetuates the violence of our enemies. The only peaceful resolution to this conflict lies in disarmament... and as long as we attack them, in defense of our way of life, they will continue to attack us to defend their way of life. Our War on Terrorism is a war against cultural ideological belief, and it is not limited to the boundaries of any political nation. If this cycle of violence continues, our war on terrorism will become an act of holocaust, as tens thousands of Muslims (combatitive AND innocent)are killed. I certainly don't want this blood on American hands in the name of peace.

Christ instructed us to turn the other cheek. This is not to be understood as a sign of weakness. Instead, it is an acknowledgment of the human condition. It dares any attacker to "see" the mere humanity of those that are under attack. It ends the cycle of violence. Does this mean that the attacker won't strike? No, but it is a first step towards true peace.

We are "under attack" by Muslim fundamentalists because of our own actions as a country. Doubt this? Do more research... capitalism, or, the religion of wealth, requires oil for sustainment. The preservation of the American way of life, driven by capitalism, forces us to politically control the world's oil resources. The "terrorists" understand this as imperialism, whether we like it or not, and our propaganda pertaining to "spreading freedom and democracy" only encourages this perspective. The British Empire professed a world of good deeds in it's colonial expansion... education and literacy, medicine, freedom, national stability, etc. It took control of much of the Arab world, only to loose it slowly after world war one. This is the history of Iraq, specifically, which was unified under the British Empire. To argue that America isn't perceived as an Imperialist power to the "terrorists" is an argument that defies both history AND cultural relativism.

Americans must change. We must move beyond our addiction to oil. We must denounce the actions of Israel against the Palestinians, and work to help build a Palestinian nation. These will do much to end the cycle of violence.

Any animal can use violence to achieve an end. Humans are successful within the environment because we use our brains to solve problems. When we use violence, and the weapons of our imagination to supress those that "disagree" with us, we are only revealing our primitive animal instinct. We fail to realize our own humanity, as well as those we oppose.

We must be smarter... we must use our brains to communicate more effectively... we must end the cycle of violence. If we don't do it, who will?

It's time to admit our faults, and turn the other cheek.

on Philosophy

You know, if you could some how MASH all of history's philosophy into one theory, you MIGHT come out with something that resembles the truth.

If I were seated at a long table with all of history's greatest thinkers, I would stand up and say, "everything you believe is only PART of the truth. Some of it is right, but some of it is wrong. It would be wise to figure out why there is a difference in the first place." And then, I would sit back down and finish my pancakes and milk. Yum.

Scientists love facts. There aren't very many facts in this world, relatively speaking, but there's lots of evidence. The problem with evidence is that, in order for it to be evidence, you have to use words to describe it. The problem with words is that they require subjective interpretation by the human mind. Numbers are the same way. Can God create a rock he can't lift? What is a black hole? Symbols like words and numbers can create problems of infinite regress.
I like music, as symbols go. Sure, it's highly subjective, but as a means of information communication, you can just do more with music.
Perhaps the Grand Unified Theory is a simple melody. Maybe it's just one note...

Friday, May 28, 2004

the Music

Music is very important to me. More on this later...

If you've stopped by, and you've heard my music, then please tell me what you think.

On Existence

Do you really exist? Have you ever tried to prove it?

What if, one day, you discovered that your singular personality was actually the result of a tug-of-war between hundreds of automated sub-conscious systems?

Ever get moody? Stressed? Irritably hungry? Horny? Sleepy? Angry? Competitive? Worried?

Ever notice how your personality shifts, ever so slightly, towards the biased perspectives of biological desire?

How do you define your existence?

Thursday, May 27, 2004

the Picture

The title of my picture is:
Buy Guns for the Hands of Intelligent Primates.

I good friend of mine suggested these alternate titles:

"Support the Right of all Intelligent Primates to Bear Arms"
"Well armed Primates are the best restraint to a tyrannical regime"
"Support your local Primate Militia"
"It is the inalienable right of all primates to equip
themselves in such a way that they can end another's life quickly and without effort"
"Firepower: Don't be the last primate on the block without it"
"You say 'Apes with Guns' I say 'National Defense'"
"The Enemy: Overpopulation; The Solution: Arm the Primates"
"Charlton Heston called it an obligation"
"Guns are a primate's best friend"
"Why the hell not?"
"NRA: Supporting primates' second amendment rights since 1871"

thanks, chris!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Want to engage in a political discussion? See the above link.

Monday, May 24, 2004

A Letter To the Terrorists

Well, I'm always talking about how important open communication is between two parties. I've always thought that once communication fails, insecurity and violence are not far behind. I see this happen everyday in my jungle. I like to watch the news. In light of current political conflict, I recently thought to my self, "What have I done to try to communicate with the terrorists?" The truth is, I haven't done anything...

So, at the risk of becoming a hypocrite, I've decided to write a letter to the terrorists. I hope that, maybe one day, one of the terrorists will read it. If you are a terrorist reading this, please listen to me. I am ready to listen to you.

Well, here goes!

Dear Terrorist,
I am writing in response to your call for help. In my news media, I can see that many of your people are dying. I am sorry. Many of my people are dying as well. In a way, I love my people, and I don't want to see them die this way anymore. I'm sure that you feel the same way about your people. That's why I am writing to you.
You see, we both love our families and friends. We both want to protect them from our enemies. In this way, we are the same. I would also suggest that we have MUCH more in common than we do in difference.
So, why do we continue to kill each other? I want to love those around me and live my life in peace. I'm certain that, deep down inside, you feel the same way. Why else would you fight the way you do? Please, listen to me. I want to listen to you. Together, perhaps we can persuade those around us to stop the needless fighting.
The decisions is ours to make.