Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One Day

Another day, another bank failure.

Stocks have just dropped... again. The Bear is sleeping.

The house three doors down has a FOR SALE sign, just like the one across the street.

The neighbor was laid off from work, and unable to find more.

Budgets are cut. Jobs are lost.

The cost of gasoline goes up.

Bread costs three dollars a loaf, and milk costs as much as gas per gallon.

But NBC has a new REALITY TV show... something about people jumping through a moving wall.

Then one day.

The supermarket is low on food.

The government has limited what you can withdraw from your bank.

You are out of work. Your house is no longer yours, and it sits, empty.

Your kids are hungry.

What do you do then?

Will you be willing to think outside of the box?

Will you be willing to grow your own food?

Will you be willing to hunt for your own food?

What if you get sick? There are no more pills. What will you do?

Thankfully, humans have been through all this before.

The plants that our ancestors used for food, shelter, clothing, fire, and medicine STILL EXIST (at least, we haven't wiped out most of them yet).

So, now, you're homeless. You are hungrier than your kids. Your spouse is sick.

Which plant will you use?

Will you be willing to use the one plant that can feed you, clothe you, and heal you?

How about if it could make you rich again, and let you drive your car?

Please support H.R. 5843. It's time to wake up.


Blogger sourmonkey said...

and if this sad day comes for you, God forbid, then look me up. I'll help you get back on your feet.

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