Sunday, September 28, 2008

Justice, U.S.A.

another bailout.

more taxpayer money going to the sloppy rich.

I always knew the American government was phucked up, now I have proof.

(well, it's not like I never had it before)

maybe, now, the "average" American can understand it.

after four years blogging, all I can say is:


watch out for the fan...

Today, we pay for our ignorance.

Tomorrow, we pay again.

but it's not like we don't deserve this.

Thus, down falls the House of Cards.

What makes me sick is that Americans are too stupid to think their way out of this mess. (go ahead, show me that I'm wrong here...)

And now, the $hit flies home.

Welcome to Justice.

Friday, September 19, 2008

everything I needed to know about morality I learned by being an American

10. Life begins at conception when it is the most innocent. Once life is born, it isn't worth much unless it works hard and follows the law. If life does not do what we say, then we can kill it.

9. murder is wrong, but killing thousands of people with high tech killing machines is just a political consequence of moral authority.

8. Terrorism does NOT include Mutually Assured Destruction or the threat of nuclear holocaust.

7. Jews are not as bad as Muslims, although the Christians are the dirtiest bastards of them all.

6. I have the right to own a small firearm precisely tuned to kill another person at a close distance, but I can NOT own certain types of plants. That would be too dangerous.

5. A college degree is less important than being an actor, or a professional athlete. The most important thing is to get lucky in business.

4. Everyone must pay to learn. If you don't pay to learn, and fail to get your receipt, then no one will know if you actually learned anything or not.

3. Being poor is just being lazy. If you are poor, you deserve it. Go buy an education... oh wait , you have no money... hahahaha!

2. It's just a grim reality that to gain something we have to screw someone else over. It's just the only way to live (and don't bother looking for a better way, there is none. trust us).

1. The sick, the physically disabled, the mentally ill, the dying... they all owe it to the medical system to pay the bills for all the pills. And if they try to get their medicine from demon plants that God made by mistake, then they deserve to lose access to our for profit pills and rot in prison.

0. Lying is wrong, unless you're in politics... then you can get away with it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wall Street Panic

the funny thing about wealth is that it is all in the imagination.

really, it is.

(and if you need a minute to think about this... go ahead).

so what is going on on Wall Street?

Let the specialists speak. They don't really know. That is the problem.

No one knows the future, and all of a sudden, we're ALL becoming aware of this... again.

It's like, we settle into these comfortable lives and establish routines. The Amygdala regions of our brains take over, and life becomes easy, predictable... a "no-thinker."

But humans have lived on this earth for at least 60,000 years. America has existed for just a blink of that time. What we call "civilization" is only a few thousand years old.

I'm not saying that an apocalypse is near. Not at all. But one thing is for certain: we all need to be reminded of our connection with the earth, for that is the foundation of our civilization.

Economics... it's just a religion, really. Our biological existence as humans is something else entirely. Everything has a cost. For biology, it's entropy. For economics, it's fear. Both are intertwined within the human experience.

As for me, I'm not worried. I could live off of the weeds if I needed to. I don't want to do that, though. Despite my ranting and raving, I actually like America. I like the idea that we can still choose our destiny, to a certain extent. I like the idea that we have the right to believe what we want, unless you believe cannabis is a medicine. I like the notion that I can have the successful life that I work for, unless you don't have a college degree.

Well, America ain't "The Great Experiment" for nothing. Perhaps now we will be reminded of this.

We are human, not because we are wealthy, but because we love and learn.

...and you don't need college to learn that.

Friday, September 12, 2008

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ooops. Uncle Sam is in the banking business...

So we the tax payers now own two more banks!

Isn't it great that we have a government willing to use tax payer money to save the rich folk from their errors in judgement?

I think its just fabulous.

I'm looking forward to my next $50 million dollar check from Uncle Sam. I'm sure you are too.

But what happens when Uncle Sam runs out of money? Who suffers then?

Maybe then, Uncle Sam will see the benefit of the extra $4oo billion in tax revenue received from the legalization of an important botanical resource.

eh... I doubt it.

Friday, September 05, 2008


so the FDA posted a list of potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals here:

BUT, the FDA doesn't want you suddenly stop taking these meds if you use them.

In other words, the FDA doesn't want you to be rash about the potentially dangerous drugs you are using. Too many corporations, CEOs, and share holders would lose money. So, keep using the potentially dangerous drugs and wait for more conclusive data before you stop taking those pills.


A medically valuable, non-toxic plant is still illegal, the cause of incarcerations, and the primary target of the War on Drugs.

This is why the FDA stands for (mother-)Fucking Department of A$$holes.

Gawd, when is the ignorant double standard going to end?

...and can I just say that it blows my mind how Americans tolerate this kind of bureaucratic irresponsibility...

I mean, really.


I like plants

10-First of all, plants don't grovel at your feet when you call them. YOU have to go to them.

9-Plants feed on sunlight and carbon dioxide. They produce metabolites, sugars, alcohols, and oxygen as their waste byproduct. If only we humans could be so lucky (fortunately, plants are quite adept at converting OUR waste into substances that plants can use to produce their waste... it's almost like it was planned or something...)

8-Plants don't need sex to propagate, although the sex helps...

7-plants produce food, fibers, medicines, drinks, salsas, and drugs. what would rock and roll be without plants?

6-plants are the foundation of all animal life on earth (not really, this is a hoax... not).

5-plants are the foundation of all human economies (just ask Uncle Sam).

4-plants are the foundation of most ancient religions (and calendars, not to mention human civilization).

3-and thanks to the censors of history, "modern" humans have a great deal to learn about plants. Sure, pharmaceutical companies pay botanists and anthropologists to travel to remote jungles to identify the plants used by native healers. Sure, most of the pills of "modern" medicine are plant-derived substances. Sure, we humans settled into cities because we learned how to grow a few important food crops in large scale agriculture systems. but we are still poor in what we know.

2-There is much much more to learn. We must learn it before we "domesticate" those jungles that protect valuable plant medicines. We must learn that it is just plain ignorant to make plants illegal. We must learn how to use important botanical resources responsibly, and not politically (please inform the O.N.D.C.P.).

1-plant knowledge is recession proof. when the house of cards falls, the weeds take over. during those times, it will be valuable to know how to use those weeds.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

What is at stake?

Many have commented about this recently, especially those trying to get elected.

What is at stake?

Lot's of things come to mind, but perhaps the most important is the FUTURE.

Of course, "the future" brings up numerous complex possibilities...

Personally, I don't think anyone really knows what's at stake. I don't, but I'm going to try...

let's see... the future. where's my sastun?

the future begins with the mind. for without the mind, the future is only entropy. So, what is at stake is OUR MINDS. (Now, that makes more sense to me.)

The mind is at stake. The mind *may not* exist without the body. Therefore, if the mind is at stake, then it follows that the body that supports the mind is at stake too.

So, what is at stake is our minds and our bodies. Well, that certainly influenced my vote...

but wait, things still aren't that simple. Human bodies require constant supplies of energy (nutrition), and regulated exposure to human waste (the more minimized, the better).

What is really at stake is our minds, bodies, and the environments that support our minds and bodies. But "environments"... boy, that word has baggage.

Don't get confused by the semantics. The point is, we all know too little about all of the above to secure our future.

So, what's at stake?

Monday, September 01, 2008

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