Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You can call me Brujo...

I'm not content to stand in line and wait my turn like a good citizen. If I have to wait at all, it's probably not worth waiting for.

The pharmaceutical CEOs and the psychiatrists call me ADD.

The people that disagree with me call me crazy.

My professors call me a scholar.

Anthropologists would call me a postmodern shaman.

The Christians might call me an Anarchist. The Muslims might call me unfaithful.

The sleep therapists would probably call me a nightmare.

Law Enforcement would consider me a criminal, if they knew about me.

The Republicans wouldn't call me at all.

God calls me His creation.

I am a son, a loving husband, a scholar.

I am a gardener, a good salesman, and a plant doctor.

I am a musician, storyteller, and artist.

I am human, and as human, so much more.

But you,

you can call me Brujo.