Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dear Drug Warriors,

Things you should know, and that you should know better.

1- you should know that many of the drugs that you bust people for are produced naturally in the human and mammalian nervous system (this is, after all, why drugs work in the first place).

2- you should know that the reason why plants produce animal neurotransmitters is because plants and animals have shared a biological-evolutionary symbiosis for hundreds of millions of years.

3- you should know that humans have used plant metabolites (i.e. 'drugs') since the dawn of our existence on Earth, and humans will probably continue to do so until our dusk. This is, in truth, one of those very facts about our biological existence that makes us uniquely 'human.'

4- you should know that many political schemes and governing bodies throughout history have sought ways to regulate the human use of plant metabolites, usually at the expense of individual liberty. America's war on drugs is just one more system of "witch burnings."

5- you should know that the politics of the war on drugs represent a game of mis-definition and mis-information design to empower the elite at the expense of the poor. You need only look at the demographics of your own prison statistics to see evidence of this. If that isn't enough, study the demographics of the many healthcare systems in America.

6- you should know that by supporting the war on drugs, you are supporting a deceptive political scheme that violates the fundamental laws of the federal constitution and arbitrarily criminalizes and incarcerates the citizens of the U.S.

7- you should know that when you're out on the beat, with your life on the line, you run the risk of giving up your life for a lie.

8- you should know that the bad logic of the war on drugs is a mere side effect of the larger deterioration of the civil infrastructure of our nation. The cost of living, food, and medicine is going up, the gap between the rich and the poor growing greater, wages are falling, the quality of primary education on the downslide, and the stability of the family unit is in decline.

9- you should know that the future of our nation depends on how we think and act in the present. How we think and act in the present depends on what we have learned from our past, and if you haven't noticed it yet, what we recall from our past is often censored, or at the very best, filtered.

10- the most valuable commodity on earth is the human mind. Corporations and businesses spend billions of dollars every year on advertisements designed to influence individual "consumer" behavior. Wall Street occultists play close attention to the vital signs of the "consumer"; when the consumer buys needless things, the economy booms. When the consumer stops buying needless things, the economy busts. No wonder the public schools try to generate good consumers. Alas, some people don't want to be consumers, but it's hard to be a good American nowadays if you're not a consumer, so some people "drop out." When they start using drugs to regulate their own cognitive anxieties, we call them criminals. So, the pot smoker goes to jail, but the guy that starts a needless war and kills over 100,000 people on the other side of the world gets to retire at his ranch house. The latino boy in Austin that ran from cops because he had a bag of weed in his pocket gets shot, but the bankers that led the nation into reckless spending and debt spree using ambiguous financial assets receive tax-payer bailouts and bonuses.

you should know... better, because sooner or later, people are going to realize that they've been had, and then the real $hit is going to hit the fan.

So, dear drug warrior, what do you fight for?