Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Restoration of Human Heritage Act (Part Deux)

This Act asserts that all people share a deep biological relationship with plants, and that no plant is to be prohibited under a Constitutional government that protects the fundamental rights of a people.

This Act asserts that the prohibition of plants is a destructive force that censors science, medicine, and the economy.

This Act asserts that no Constitutional government can misdefine the properties of plants so as to render them arbitrarily "dangerous" and/ or criminal.

This Act asserts that no Constitutional government can prosecute its citizens according to a subjective definition of terms.

This Act asserts that the citizens of a Constitutional government possess the sovereignty of mind, and that such citizens are free to think as they choose so as to speak, worship, publish, and petition said Constitutional government for grievances as promised under the 1st Amendment.

This Act asserts that a Constitutional government acknowledges the progress of scientific research, and the sovereignty of religious personal belief and identity.

This Act removes the 1970 Controlled Substances Act, and all related acts of legislation related to the regulation of plants and plant drugs.

This Act establishes a new classification system that protects the right of a people to grow the plants of their choice, while protecting the rights of science, medicine, and the free market to pursue the safest and most productive use of previously controlled substances.

This Act reaffirms that a people are intimately bound to the Earth, and that it is in the best interests of a Constitutional government to allow its citizens the freedoms and dignities of human life.

This Act seeks to restore the heritage of We The People.


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