Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Brain is an Engine,

the mind is the work the engine produces.

The operation of an engine is relatively simple. A highly energetic force acts upon a specific pre-fabricated mechanism that translates the energy into mechanical action, like the rotation of a crank shaft.

Likewise, in the brain, a specific neurotransmitter acts upon a specific pre-fabricated neuro-receptor, and a mechanical action takes place. The action is repeated, over and over, through molecular metabolism, creating a neural circuit across an integrated web of neural fibers. Something is learned. A new thought is born. A home run is hit. A new child is born.

The brain is an engine, the mind is the work the engine produces.

There are a broad range of neurotransmitters produced endogenously in the human body. Modern science hasn't fully charted all the neurochemicals that we produce in our bodies everyday. To further compound the situation, plants produce chemicals that act as human neurotransmitters, and many of these chemicals effect the nervous systems of dogs, monkeys, mice, spiders, and ants, and just about every other aspect of the food chain. This is no coincidence. There is a reason for this.

These neuro-chemicals represent keys that unlock specific networks within the central nervous system. Using the engine as a metaphor, these various chemical keys represent different pistons upon which the brain as an engine can drive the actions of the mind. So, what we would call, "the mind," is the action of multiple pistons operating multiple axes in sync to produce a harmonic standing wave that becomes the carrier wave for everything we call "reality," our identity, our language, our memory, our worldview, as it is perceived through the five senses.

(it's okay if you want to stop and re-read that last part.)

The brain is an engine, the mind is the work the engine produces.

But the brain is not just a mechanical engine, manufacturing chemical pistons and then recycling them over and over. The engine of the brain is also electrical.

Using fMRI's to study the metabolic action of the brain is great and all, but really, it's like trying to record the beauty of your favorite 1080 dp HiDef movie using an old VHS camera. There are details in the electric wave action that can't be recorded at the relatively low samples rates of modern technology. Still, it is possible to model electrical wave actions using mechanical analogues. Perhaps a good place to start is to model the action of sound waves, specifically within acoustic chambers that shape resonant frequencies.

Electrical waves resonate with each other just like sound waves do. Imagine standing in a concert hall. A man is standing next to a synthesizer, and he presses a key. You hear a low booming sound, continuous, sustained. It fills the air of the hall, and you feel the vibrations in your gut. The Man with the synthesizer rolls the pitch of the booming sound up a note, then two note, then three. The air of the hall screams as the walls vibrate with the harmonic frequency of the synthesizer. The acoustics of the room, as defined by its architecture, reflect and amplify the sound wave, making it much louder, and producing a standing wave that rattles the walls and makes your ears hurt. Then, the man rolls the pitch higher, and the standing wave disappears. The walls stop shaking. The volume of the soundwave returns to normal.

Electrical waves can do the same thing, just like the sound waves. They can modulate one another to produce higher frequency harmonics resulting in a peak harmonic standing wave that is defined by a specific material architecture.

The brain is an engine. A hyper-dimensional, multifaceted electrical and mechanical engine that revs up to reach peak operational workload and produce a range of harmonic standing waves. These standing waves act as a carrier wave for the functions and quantum-computations of the mind as information is received through the five sense.

And if that doesn't blow your mind, this will. You, as you currently know you, are a singularity. That's right, you are a point of infinite subjective regression generated by the standing waves of your brain-engine, and you will defy any attempt to be completely measured objectively. Kinda like a black hole, only instead of consuming matter and energy beyond all recognition, you produce almost unlimited potential for creative expression as you define reality out of the chaos.

Chew on it. Let it idle.

If your curious about more, stay tuned. Next time, I will examine a method by which to map the pistons that drive the engine of the mind. I'f I ever get around to it, I might include blow-out charts. Wouldn't that be fun.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Why ask questions?

Why do American drivers step on the brakes when the traffic light turns red and press the gas when the light turns green?

Why do psychologists define so many mental disorders when science doesn't fully understand the human mind? And why do psychiatrists prescribe so many medicines for the diverse and growing mental disorders that no one seems to fully understand?

Why do the banks get to gamble with our homes, jobs, and savings, utterly lose, and then get rewarded with tax-payer money for their disastrous efforts?

Why is a major natural medicine for the treatment of cancer and neural disorders banned in our free country?

Why are the prisons over crowded?

Why do the Drug Cartels keep getting stronger?

Why does the Military Industrial Complex keep getting bigger?

Why are there so many homeless in a land of bountiful dreams?

Why are the public schools failing?

Why does it have to be so hard to be a teacher?

Why do the religions fight each other?

Why is Reality on television?

Why does Rush Limbaugh have a job?

Why don't Americans know how to grow their own food, or find the wild food that grows all around them?

Why don't Americans choose better food to eat?

Why don't we know how to take better care of our health? Why must we be dependent on the free market or the government for healthcare?

Why is the American family unit in decline? Is it the decline of the extended family and the economic reality of a Two Working-Parent Household, or is it just Gay Marriage?

Why bother asking these questions if one doesn't bother to look for the answers?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Comprehensive Incendiary Devices

If you haven't figured out by now, the monkey is holding a gun, and he shoots idea bullets. Large Caliber. But, as the war on ideas evolves, this monkey must advance to the use of guerrilla tactics displaying concussive blasts of C.I.D.'s (Comprehensive Incendiary Devices). Unlike Idea bullets, which have only a single impact occurrence, the blast of the C.I.D. continues to propagate outward, striking multiple targets with the sprayed shrapnel of deep thought provoking new ideas.

I know, it's ridiculous to fight a War on Ideas. Wars on Nouns all too often become sloppy and dangerous. But so many people are doing it, why shouldn't I? It is, after all, the American Way.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Restoration of Human Heritage Act (Part Deux)

This Act asserts that all people share a deep biological relationship with plants, and that no plant is to be prohibited under a Constitutional government that protects the fundamental rights of a people.

This Act asserts that the prohibition of plants is a destructive force that censors science, medicine, and the economy.

This Act asserts that no Constitutional government can misdefine the properties of plants so as to render them arbitrarily "dangerous" and/ or criminal.

This Act asserts that no Constitutional government can prosecute its citizens according to a subjective definition of terms.

This Act asserts that the citizens of a Constitutional government possess the sovereignty of mind, and that such citizens are free to think as they choose so as to speak, worship, publish, and petition said Constitutional government for grievances as promised under the 1st Amendment.

This Act asserts that a Constitutional government acknowledges the progress of scientific research, and the sovereignty of religious personal belief and identity.

This Act removes the 1970 Controlled Substances Act, and all related acts of legislation related to the regulation of plants and plant drugs.

This Act establishes a new classification system that protects the right of a people to grow the plants of their choice, while protecting the rights of science, medicine, and the free market to pursue the safest and most productive use of previously controlled substances.

This Act reaffirms that a people are intimately bound to the Earth, and that it is in the best interests of a Constitutional government to allow its citizens the freedoms and dignities of human life.

This Act seeks to restore the heritage of We The People.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Good Things Are Worth Fighting For

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sacred Weeds (and Fungi too!)

A brilliant series of programs that will be valued by future generations for their insight and groundbreaking cross-disciplinary dialogue and research.


BLUE LILY - Nymphaea caerulea


FLY AGARIC - Amanita Muscaria

HENBANE - Hyoscyamus niger

Friday, November 20, 2009

Going Rogue

Contrary to what certain beauty pageant winners from Alaska believe about going rogue, doing so requires something more than just saying stuff.

Going Rogue requires an understanding that the status quo is flawed, and that the solutions to fixing the status quo lie in those lesser know regions of epistemology that the status quo has overlooked.

Going Rogue means rejecting certain maladaptive modes of modern society in favor of more traditional modes that have been successful for many millennia.

Going Rogue means leaving behind the corrupted theories of entrenched interests in pursuit of progressive and pragmatic theories that conform to natural laws and cycles.

Going Rogue means not stopping at the accepted ideas, but continuing forward to challenge the accepted ideas and explore the mechanisms behind the unaccepted ideas for the benefit of cultural progress.

Going Rogue means "Saying No" to laws that defy constitutional purpose.

Going Rogue means using an illegal plant to heal the sick, feed the poor, provide shelter for the homeless, cultivate farmland, produce biofuel, and add a new agricultural base for the economy.

Going Rogue means saying "fuck you and your insane ways, I'm doing something better, just watch, and you will learn."

Sarah Palin isn't going rogue.

But someone is.