Friday, September 05, 2008


so the FDA posted a list of potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals here:

BUT, the FDA doesn't want you suddenly stop taking these meds if you use them.

In other words, the FDA doesn't want you to be rash about the potentially dangerous drugs you are using. Too many corporations, CEOs, and share holders would lose money. So, keep using the potentially dangerous drugs and wait for more conclusive data before you stop taking those pills.


A medically valuable, non-toxic plant is still illegal, the cause of incarcerations, and the primary target of the War on Drugs.

This is why the FDA stands for (mother-)Fucking Department of A$$holes.

Gawd, when is the ignorant double standard going to end?

...and can I just say that it blows my mind how Americans tolerate this kind of bureaucratic irresponsibility...

I mean, really.



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