Friday, September 05, 2008

I like plants

10-First of all, plants don't grovel at your feet when you call them. YOU have to go to them.

9-Plants feed on sunlight and carbon dioxide. They produce metabolites, sugars, alcohols, and oxygen as their waste byproduct. If only we humans could be so lucky (fortunately, plants are quite adept at converting OUR waste into substances that plants can use to produce their waste... it's almost like it was planned or something...)

8-Plants don't need sex to propagate, although the sex helps...

7-plants produce food, fibers, medicines, drinks, salsas, and drugs. what would rock and roll be without plants?

6-plants are the foundation of all animal life on earth (not really, this is a hoax... not).

5-plants are the foundation of all human economies (just ask Uncle Sam).

4-plants are the foundation of most ancient religions (and calendars, not to mention human civilization).

3-and thanks to the censors of history, "modern" humans have a great deal to learn about plants. Sure, pharmaceutical companies pay botanists and anthropologists to travel to remote jungles to identify the plants used by native healers. Sure, most of the pills of "modern" medicine are plant-derived substances. Sure, we humans settled into cities because we learned how to grow a few important food crops in large scale agriculture systems. but we are still poor in what we know.

2-There is much much more to learn. We must learn it before we "domesticate" those jungles that protect valuable plant medicines. We must learn that it is just plain ignorant to make plants illegal. We must learn how to use important botanical resources responsibly, and not politically (please inform the O.N.D.C.P.).

1-plant knowledge is recession proof. when the house of cards falls, the weeds take over. during those times, it will be valuable to know how to use those weeds.


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