Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wall Street Panic

the funny thing about wealth is that it is all in the imagination.

really, it is.

(and if you need a minute to think about this... go ahead).

so what is going on on Wall Street?

Let the specialists speak. They don't really know. That is the problem.

No one knows the future, and all of a sudden, we're ALL becoming aware of this... again.

It's like, we settle into these comfortable lives and establish routines. The Amygdala regions of our brains take over, and life becomes easy, predictable... a "no-thinker."

But humans have lived on this earth for at least 60,000 years. America has existed for just a blink of that time. What we call "civilization" is only a few thousand years old.

I'm not saying that an apocalypse is near. Not at all. But one thing is for certain: we all need to be reminded of our connection with the earth, for that is the foundation of our civilization.

Economics... it's just a religion, really. Our biological existence as humans is something else entirely. Everything has a cost. For biology, it's entropy. For economics, it's fear. Both are intertwined within the human experience.

As for me, I'm not worried. I could live off of the weeds if I needed to. I don't want to do that, though. Despite my ranting and raving, I actually like America. I like the idea that we can still choose our destiny, to a certain extent. I like the idea that we have the right to believe what we want, unless you believe cannabis is a medicine. I like the notion that I can have the successful life that I work for, unless you don't have a college degree.

Well, America ain't "The Great Experiment" for nothing. Perhaps now we will be reminded of this.

We are human, not because we are wealthy, but because we love and learn.

...and you don't need college to learn that.


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