Monday, July 28, 2008

IDEAS - Revolutions

There is no war.

There is no politic.

There are no governments.

There is no debt.

There is no wealth.

There are no McMansions.

There are no pills.

There is no gasoline.

There is no HD.

There is only the earth, and those constituents of life that make the earth "alive."

What are we to do in this world?

Will we still fight each other like the animals that we are in our quest to declare our hierarchic dominance?

Will we continue to let our material delusions influence the direction of our futures?

Might we finally take pause to consider the miracle of our meager existence?

Might we finally realize how deeply integrated we are within the matrices of life on Earth?

Might we finally return to the Earth and live the life that we were selectively designed to live?

Within the human mind, there are only Ideas.

There is no fear.

There is no hate

There is no freedom.

There is no cage.

They are only Ideas.


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