Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Those that fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.

Get over the cliche. There are lessons to learn.

All "great" societies collapse. Societies rise and fall depending on how they regulate energy and waste relative to an ever shifting climate. Those societies that do so successfully grow and develop in compounding complexity. Those societies that fail to manage energy and waste typically collapse under the weight of their own success. This is a profound truth in human social development that our American society has yet to fully grasp.

Our climate is changing. It always has. If we fail to adapt, America too will collapse.

So how do we fit the broken pieces together to ensure the future success of our society? The answer requires a vision that most Americans are not epistemologically equipped to understand.

You are fortunate, dear reader, in that I am giving you this answer free of charge. I have no profit margin. I have no financial bottom line. I offer no pyramid scheme, and no initial financial investment. What I am telling you is that the answers to our problems are locked away in our minds, awaiting access, but hidden to us if we do not look deeply and sincerely.

To ensue the future success of our society, we must manage our energy resources and waste byproducts. We must adapt to the ever-changing climate. This is our ontological bottom line. The success of our future depends on how well we understand our past.

Today, we face great economic instability. We have collectively placed our eggs in the wrong baskets. Our economic survival tokens are losing value. The cost of living is skyrocketing. The vehicles of death are increasing. We have mishandled our natural energy resources, and we are polluting the environment that sustains our lives with the synthetic fecal matter of our own "civil" waste. As the climate changes, we are left wondering what is going on, clueless about how we might adapt successfully.

We fight wars to maintain access to oil. We lead the world in prison incarcerations. We lead the world in mental illness, addiction, and illicit drug use. Our for profit medicines fail to heal. Our eduction systems leave far too many behind to fall into the cracks of the criminal underworld. Our families and communities break down, leading us down the paths of gang violence, social paranoia, and economic division. We have become our own terrible enemies. At this rate, America has no future.

Where is our fresh, clean water? Where is our fresh air? Where does our food come from? Where do we find the energy to fuel our bodies, our homes, and our cars? Where is our waste going, and how does it effect the viability of our natural resources?

We reap what we sow.

What we must do to survive our own belligerent existence is to sow the seeds of natural energy, and use our waste in a manner that enhances our natural resources. We must understand that culture can cause sickness, and that culture can create criminals. We must return to the earth, for the earth is the origin of our existence.

The future of our society depends on how we use plants. It's that simple. We must cherish these botanical resources and do everything we can to enhance our integrated connection with the earth's flora. We are human because of our heritage as botanical cultivators. We must return to this paradigm if we are to ensure a successful future.

This means removing our arcane, misconceived prohibitions of one of our most important botanical resources, Cannabis. By doing so, we ensure a strong botanical basis for agriculture, industry, food, and medicine. Cannabis is not a cure all, but it is an easy first step in our quest to return to the Earth to ensure the viability of the American future. Cannabis was one of humanity's earliest cultivated crops. We must let our past shape our future if we are to have a bright one.

Ignore the misconceived hype. The truth awaits our recognition. There is no future with out truth. The future is built, piece by piece, with the applied knowledge of human history.

This is how we begin to heal the present, and secure the future.


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