Thursday, July 17, 2008


Headaches. They were a weekly, and sometimes, daily occurrence for me. Sometimes, they would be so intense I would get sick. Sometimes Tylenol was not enough. Sometimes, even a nap wasn't enough.

Stress and Anxiety. I am a night owl, usually because the night is when my mind wakes up. The night is when I think the clearest, but sometimes, the night is when my mind races out of control. Psychologists might call this anxiety. I think my anxiety is the product of my neurological architecture, something psychologists have little understanding of. This is why I have set out to understand my own mind, a process that will surely take the rest of my life, only to remain incomplete even after my death. Somethings aren't easy to grasp, but this doesn't mean I shouldn't try.

Poor sleep. This is typically the result of anxiety, but not always. Sometimes, I get struck by a literary, artistic, or musical idea in the middle of the night. Whatever the cause, I have a hard time sleeping at night. The problem is, my work demands that I be awake in the morning. The end result is sleep deprivation, and usually, crankiness or blissfull euphoria.

Poor circulation. I am tall, and healthy, but sometimes, wounds on my external limbs fail to heal quickly. I have a healthy diet, but I experience extreme temperature feelings at my limbs, usually, this means a part of me feels too cold or hot.

A.D.D. I deny that this is a disorder in the first place, but, scientists have isolated genes that predict ADD-related behaviors in people, so, something is going on. Whatever it is, I have a hard time concentrating on anything that requires intense focus, like reading a book or repairing a keyboard. Consequently, I have a hard time learning in a linear fashion. I learn best through experience, something I had to experience to understand in the first place. Regardless of this, I still have a hard time functioning "normally" in our linear society, never mind meeting the demands of said linear society.

These are a few of my afflictions. I could list more, but at this point, there is no need. My point is that I no longer have these problems because I use cannabis in low doses everyday. Today, because I use cannabis, it is rare when I have a headache; my issues with anxiety, control, impatience are practically non existent; I can fall asleep when I want to, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the demands of another day; my bodily-blood circulation is better due to the vaso-dilating properties of the cannabinoids in cannabis, my body recovers faster from the physical demands of my work, and any wounds I receive from work heal faster; and perhaps most importantly of all, my A.D.D. is all but gone. I can focus on any task and complete it, and I can set goals for myself and achieve them. I can write and record the songs that pop into my mind. I can read multiple books and remember what I want to be able to recall them in the future. I have a 4.0 gpa, and I am much more productive.

I can use this medicine as I choose, and I can stop with no negative consequences (unlike many "legal" drugs)... actually, when I stop taking this medicine, my "afflictions" begin to return.

The beauty of it all is that my medicine comes from a plant that God created (with a little help from the botanical antiquity of human cultivation). This medicine grows like a weed, and no one can profit from it (not even those nasty drug dealers in the pharmaceutical industry). This medicine is free. It is God's blessing to us. We are fools for not recognizing this.

Cough syrup can intoxicate when consumed in large quantities. Most people don't get high on cough syrup because it is generally understood to be a medicine, and let's face it, there are better options.

If Uncle Sam would only admit that cannabis is a medicine, perhaps people would understand how to use it for what it is, and I wouldn't be a criminal for healing myself. Maybe my government doesn't want me to have more control over my health. Maybe my government doesn't want me to have more control over my own mind. Maybe my government just wants to save face, or worse. Maybe my government still protects slavery.

Whatever the case, I'll continue to flip the bird at the political liars that pull the strings in this country. It's just so obvious, it's painful... the lies, that is.

Let the healing never end.


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