Monday, July 14, 2008


There is something beautiful about allowing yourself to be broken. Perhaps its the realization that after being broken, the self is free to be reassembled in a stronger, purer frame of mind. This is no easy task.

All things are not what they seem. All things are more than they seem. How far are you willing to look to understand the difference?

Peering into the unknown is not for the faint of heart, yet this process is still necessary if we are to force progress in an entropic world.

As for me, I have learned that the society we call home is likewise broken. In America today, the basic family unit that is fundamental to social progress is in decline. Our education systems are failing our children. Our healthcare systems are feeding on the weak and inducing more sickness than it can heal. Our political systems are enslaving free minds. Our judicial systems are incarcerating those that get left behind. This is America today, a land that we created and perpetuate because we are unwilling to expand our vision and our understanding of human nature.

Broken means nothing if we are not willing to pick up the pieces to restore and experience the bigger picture.

In any given society, there will always be those individuals that, due to the genetic architecture of cognitive function, simply don't fit in. This should be obvious, being that every human mind is unique. Mainstream culture is a homogenizing force, and there will always be those that resist homogenization. What are we as a society to do with these individuals?

In ancient societies, these people became healers. They learned to heal the mind of the broken pieces with the plants of the natural environment in a manner that equipped them to re-integrate with their home society to heal those on the verge of becoming lost themselves. Today, those that reject cultural homogenization typically become the unwanted: the homeless, the drug addicts, the criminals, the hippies. They become the unwanted.

As a christian, I am drawn to these people. As shaman, I yearn to heal these people. As a human, I am broken. In being broken, I am empowered to fit the pieces back together in a bigger, more complete picture of human ontology. As an outcast, I am alone, but at the same time, my vision is stronger.

I am broken. What am I to do to heal myself?

I reject the homogenizing medicines of mainstream society. As far as I'm concerned, the world can continue to flush the synthetic, for profit pills of false medicine down the shitter. As far as I'm concerned, all the false theories of western psychology can rot in the landfills of the enslaved unconscious. My path is founded in nature, among the plants of God's creation. I have healed myself with cannabis, despite the misconceived legalities of my government. Uncle Sam can go to hell (and if you haven't been paying attention, he is well on his way).

I will not be a criminal for using cannabis to heal myself and others. I will fight any force that attempts to criminalize me for using one of our oldest natural medicines to heal the sicknesses of society. I reject the misinformation and the lies. I seek the truth, and I know the truth is on my side.

Broken is beautiful as long as the completion of the big picture is the end result. Are we brave enough to see it?


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