Friday, July 18, 2008

A Conversation

A dear friend of mine mentioned "the windmill".

"Get to close, and you'll get smacked."

But that would be stupid, for those that seek the weakness of the windmill are smart enough to take it down without getting smacked.

Don't forget, the truth is a powerful, dangerous thing. It rules everything, even if we can't see it. Outside of the truth, it is during those blind times that we become a danger to ourselves.

My friend states, "cause waves and you become a target."

I reply, "but counter waves can be stronger."

Even those that hold the bulls eye can be knocked off target, and let's face it, without the truth, they are on shaky ground anyway.

"I think of it as planting seeds of thought."

"but you planted a great BIG seed."


My government started this war, this War on Truth. It's a good thing for my enemy that I live by grace alone. I am not violent, but a pacifist. I am not vengeful, but forgiving. I aspire to a greater morality, and it is a terrible shame that my government distorts my moral standard. I have turned the other cheek, more times than I can count, and I have gotten hurt ten times more than that.

There comes a time when force is required. My guns are ideas, and my flag is the truth.

And I can't forget the chewing gum...


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