Tuesday, May 13, 2008

puppets on semantic strings...

High energy photons scatter through the solar system, yet we can't see them.

Low frequency sound waves in the cycle range 2 Hz - 4 Hz can influence and change the states of the mind, making people sleepy, irritable, and angry. We can't hear these sounds, but they exist none the less.

Dogs hear high frequency sound waves above 20 kHz as an essential element to their genetic survival. We do not.

Flying bats see the world in an entirely different acoustic and optical model than humans. We must invent technology to see the world as bats do.

The human Central Nervous System is a filter that blocks out most environmental data that would otherwise overload the system. Our brains are finely tuned, yet biased, filtered, and never capable of knowing all universal data.

So why do we pass judgement when we are so cognitively flawed?

because we are human.

What defines us is not so much physiology (although this has much to do with identity), but culture, and this has no physical existence outside of human cognition.

When it comes to culture, it all comes back to the data, and we all know how imperfect the system is at storing data accurately.

So, our identities are defined through self-limiting physiological forces and the arbitrary, biased perceptions of historical culture.

It is commonly known that history is written by the victorious, and that it rhymes with itself. Like the universe around us, "history" is replete with data that will never be recognized. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to re-learn those lost elements of human history. Unfortunately for the liberation of the self, it is to the advantage of the power elite to censor the history of their people.

Mind's are easier to control that way.

if we don't learn of the data we have censored from ourselves, we will never learn the bigger picture.

we will remain puppets on semantic strings.


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