Saturday, May 10, 2008

the value of Mind

The Creative Ones sit in geometric honeycombs, brainstorming the next big hook.

"What can we do to influence the behavior of people, including their cognitive and actionable behaviors, to compel them to exchange their Survival Tokens for our Cultural Artifacts that have nothing to do with survival?". The Creative Ones ponder intently.

Neurological Radiations become Electronic Circuits.

Electrons spin as ideas become Logical Binary Memes.

Production is set in motion, and the Memes take on new virtual life.

This new virtual life is enacted in Real Life, yet recorded for mass experience on other Electron Spinning Machines that convert Light into Matrix-Packaged Logical Binary Memes.

These Matrix-Packaged Logical Binary Memes are recorded on Magnetic Resonance Disks, or Rotating Optical Disks, and exchanged for Hyper-Inflated Survival Tokens.

The Hyper-Inflated Survival Tokens are deposited wthin Bank Accounts, and used by the Creative Ones to purchase extravagant Cultural Artifacts that have nothing to do with actual survival.

Meanwhile, The Matrix-Packaged Logical Binary Meme Disks are sent to powerful Encoded Light Transmission Stations.

These Encoded Light Transmission Stations then re-encode the Matrix-Packaged Logical Binary Memes and transmit them through the air (and space) to be received by billions of smaller Matrix-Packaged Logical Binary Meme Encoded Light Receivers.

These Matrix-Packaged Logical Binary Meme Encoded Light Receivers are then viewed by additional billions of People, who sacrifice their Mind to sit and stare at the Boob Tube.

Your Mind is valuable to someone. Is it valuable to you?


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