Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Way of the Shaman

Love is stronger than Hate.
Suffering is met with Healing.
Truth has no boundary.
Sickness is ubiquitous.

The weak are stronger than the strong.
Power is intoxicating.
Pride is ignorance.
Wealth is dead.

This life is most important,
although it is incomplete.
Humanity is a state of mind
that bends to be slave, or free.

The Way is eternal.
The Way is feared by those seeking power.
The Way is in danger,
The Way is elemental.
The Way is a conduit for love.

No one can stop the Way of the Shaman, though many have tried.

The Way is the heritage of our people.

The Way is older than time, and it is the future.

The Way is already here.


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