Thursday, May 08, 2008


before i go to bed...
I prepare for work...
at work, i solve problems...
more problems than i can count...

"what's wrong with my plant?" someone asks with a decayed branch in their hands...
i tell them.

"how do i grow this?"
i tell them.

"where can I find this plant?"
i tell them.

"i want to become a gardener. where do i start?
i tell them.

if you have a problem with a plant, tell me about it, and I can tell you how to fix it.

a customer calls on the phone, and wants to know if the Texas Olive is edible. I say, "yes it is, but it is intoxicating."

a customer stops by complaining about dandelions and sticky weed in his lawn. I say, "they are edible, and at one time were used by native americans as medicine." the customer decides the broadleaf herbicide is best.

someone discovers that I know about medicinal plants, and they hunger for more information... information that I must break the law to describe.

a shaman never rests...

at home, i watch television programs where reporters, scientists, activists, and politicians outline the problems that face our nation and our globe. I know the answers, because i know plants.

plants are the foundation for all life on earth. when humanity finds a problem, chances are the solution can be found in plants.

it's that simple.

don't believe me? then come with me on this journey. you'll see.

we must return to our roots if we are to save our people.


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