Monday, May 12, 2008

Token Maddness

Survival Tokens: material objects, usually shiny and metallic or paper with depictions of great ancestral Alpha Males, that represent the ability of a human individual to survive. The term was coined by R.A.W.

Today, Survival Tokens are a menace to modern society. They are required for education, for healthcare, for food and basic subsistence, water, energy, and property.

Americans have sold their freedom to Survival Tokens.

The problem with Survival Tokens is that they are arbitrary, and most of the time, they depreciate (we live in entropy, mind you).

What ever happened to true survival, where a human individual could eat from the land, drink from the spring, and work for a harvest? What ever happened to true survival?

Apparently, it went out with progress.

Today, Survival Tokens typically out weigh common sense, rationalism, ingenuity, and truth. Survival Tokens have intoxicated the masses into believing greatly in imaginary values.

This is a warning to all parents, your children will be slaves, bought and sold with Survival Tokens in a system that will use them, abuse them, and then spit them out into nursing homes where they will hide away until death, the victim of an endangered and broken family unit.

You should know.

It could happen to you...


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