Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Existential Patriotism

I hate fascists.

You know, those government officials that deny the facts of human history to maintain a corrupted and inhumane status quo?

The same fascists that sit in polished rooms in Washington D.C. and in state capitals around the 50 states and pretend they are doing what's best for the nation. They must pretend in order sucker we the citizens into letting them chip away at our basic human dignity until we are nothing but trendy, underpaid consumers eating shit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I hate fascists. I don't like to use the word hate all that much, but I hate fascists. As a pacifist and proponent of non-violence, I regret to admit that I would enjoy watching my corrupt government collapse in another cloud of smoke.

Perhaps that's extreme, but extreme is relative.

For me, extreme is founding a nation on the "inalienable" principles of civil liberty, while at the same time enslaving an entire population based on the color of one's skin, and then becoming rich on the backs of those slaves.

For me, extreme is a nation going to war with itself to resolve the conflicting issue of civil liberty versus slavery.

For me, extreme is adopting laws like Jim Crow that establish an inequality of law among the citizens of a "free" nation depending on the color of a citizen's skin.

For me, extreme is dropping two fission atomic bombs on major foreign population centers.

For me, extreme is building an arsenal of weapons, of which any one of them may potentially poison the Earth thus rendering it inhospitable to all life for hundreds of years.

For me, extreme is banning some of humanity's oldest medicines, and incarcerating the sick people that possess or use them, while at the same time, running opium and cocaine into strategic population centers to undermine civil resistance.

For me, extreme is when a government manipulates the facts of a political theater to start a needless war.

For me, extreme is when the belligerent acts of a government results in the death of thousands of innocent people.

For me, extreme is starting a false war and then looking the other way when the blood begins to run.

I look forward to the day when something our government does flies back to take the government out.

It's not like I hate America. Not at all. In truth, I'm actually more inclined to believe that the America I was taught to believe in NEVER EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Then again, I believe in human dignity. I believe in the freedom of thought as it is expressed through religion, through speech and the press, through art, and through all the other facets of human consciousness. I believe in pursuing the truth, even though I understand that i will never fully know it. I believe in reason, compassion, but I also believe that I must stand up for what I believe in when the going gets tough.

guess America does exist somewhere afterall...

then again,

maybe I am nothing.


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