Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crossing the Threshold

(insert name) believes in doing good.

(insert name) believes in helping those in need, defending the poor and the sick, and healing those who have lost their way.

(insert name) is a shaman. His morality sets a high standard:
violence is wrong
deceit is wrong
greed is wrong
pride is wrong

(insert name) does not worship money, or material wealth, or human authorities.

(insert name) does not seek trouble, but he does seek to relieve crisis.

(insert name) yearns for the truth.

(insert name)'s society is the opposite of (insert name). (insert name)'s society acts or supports those moral conditions that are the antithesis of (insert name)'s ideals.

This causes much anger in (insert name), and anger is poison.

(insert name) is at a threshold.

On (insert name)'s side of the threshold lies a poisonous, toxic environment. On the other side of the threshold lies a new path for (insert name), one that conforms to (insert name)'s ethos.

What will it take for (insert name) to cross over to the other side? What will this mean?

"government can not make me free, only I can," thinks (insert name).

The Threshold awaits...


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