Saturday, November 08, 2008

We can what?

Oh no, SOCIALISM! be afraid, be very afraid.

Obama is going to take your money and give it to the poor.

be very afraid indeed.

you didn't notice when socialism took over education. you didn't notice when socialism took over public security. you didn't think about it when socialism took over the postal service. you were looking the other way when socialism took over your mind.

"spread the wealth?" the onslaught of socialism in America? if you believe this, you were probably government educated (or worse, educated by someone who was).

wealth is an illusion. the plague of blindness is already widespread. the "Pink Panic" will pass in time to be found empty. Obama will mostly likely not take your money and "spread it around." But, that's not the point.

Today, tomorrow, and in the future, our nation must survive. If it does not, we can expect dwindling food and fresh water supplies, and hyper inflation, and in increase in waste, disease, crime and social conflict. These are the trends that follow failed states. We should not be blind to the facts: all governments are subject to entropy.

Today, tomorrow, and in the future, our nation must regulate the consumption and production of energy while managing our waste byproducts. Using cow shit to generate electricity is one thing; Using a nuclear reaction to do the same creates volatile, mutagenic toxins that take thousand of years to break down. If humanity's future depends upon each nation's ability to "beat up" an enemy, then humanity has no future, folks.

nevermind "spread the wealth." that's like treating a mosquito bite while letting the gaping hole in your stomach go gangrenous. Here is what WE CAN DO:

the restoration of human heritage act

for other things we CAN DO, see below:


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