Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Perhaps its a good thing that, to keep this plant menace out of the hands of stupid teenagers, our government is willing to let police officers die, cancer patients die, and innocence by standers be killed by anarchic gangs fueled by prohibition.

Perhaps not...


Blogger sourmonkey said...

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Blogger sourmonkey said...

I wanna know what it's going to take to reform bad government.

A civil war? It happened before.

For those who think the flag stands for freedom,

Just sixty years ago, if your skin was too dark, you hand so sit at the back of the bus in the land of the free.


Disenfranchisement is a bitch. You have every right to be pissed. But there is hope.

America is made by we the people, not Uncle Sam.

The Social Contact is like a See-Saw, and We the people can always get off to send Uncle Sam crashing to the ground.

This is our leverage for change.

If we don't act, then America is still a dead dream.

What will you do?

11:51 PM  
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