Sunday, December 02, 2007

Who controls your mind?

Do you control your own mind, or does your mind control you?

Do you decide when you are hungry, or does your body decide that it is hungry, and then signal to you via hunger pains and mood swings?

Do you decide when you want to have sex, or does an external stimulus trigger a physiological response, thus altering the way you think?

Do you decide that you are sleepy, or does your body compell you to rest?

Please take a moment to consider these questions, because they are important.

What are you?

An American or Asian? A Human, primate, mammal, or child of God?

What defines you?

What is the structure of your identity?

If every human on the face of the earth died at once in a massive nuclear holocaust, would your identity live on?

What is culture, and how has it effected you?

Does culture control consciousness?

Who controls culture?

Who controls consciousness?

What controls your mind?