Monday, October 08, 2007


Fuck you, people of the world.

God damned "sober minded" religious zealots with the ignorant audacity to claim one life as superior to another. Fucking fools. Go start some more wars. Knock yourselves out.

If you like guns, I hope you die from a hailstorm of bullets.

If you like war, I hope your flesh burns in the fires of battle.

If you like power, I hope it consumes you.

If you like wealth, I hope it empties your soul.

If you like control, I hope it controls you.

If you like to tazer trouble makers, I hope you die in a bolt of lightning.

If you kill in the name of God, I hope you like primates, because you're a fucking monkey that can only dream of god.

If you kill in the name of peace, then turn the gun on yourself, and help humanity find peace.

Fuck you world.

Fuck your wars, your slavery, your debt.

Fuck your masters, your gate keepers, and your dictators.

Fuck your gods of deceit, your kings of manipulation, and your CEO's of human capital.

Fuck the truth that is non existent, fuck the liars that protect the obscurity.

Fuck the rules and laws that are so easily ignored by law enforcers.

Fuck your gods that you don't even understand.

Fuck your television. Fuck commercial advertisers and political pundits with empty minds.

Fuck george w bush and a u.s. congress that can't tell it's own ass from a terrorist.

Fuck you world.

Fuck black people, fuck white people. Fuck purple people. Fuck anyone who thinks color can define a human.

We're all lost here.


God-damned ignorant Children of God.


It's time we admit we're all just fucking crazy here.

That's the first step to recovery.

Personally, I've had it with the bullshit.

It's about time for an intervention.


Blogger Steven said...


I am an artist/teacher living in West Palm Beach, Fla.

I am doing research for a piece I'm working on, tentatively titled "What Would You Cage?" when I stumbled on your site, and in particular your rant/poem "God-Damned World."

Some pretty heady stuff there, Sourmonkey, as well as heartfelt and mindful. In my 54 years on the planet, I cannot remember a time as fucked up as this.

Keep ranting, brother, I'm witcha.

Steven Jay Athanas
a.k.a. The Ruminator

8:25 AM  
Blogger sourmonkey said...

Thank you, Ruminator, for recognizing the poetry within the distaste.

It has troubled me, for a time, how to comment on distasteful subject matter without selling out to political correction.

Then I thought, attack distastfullness with distastfullness. Old concept, but typically revolutionary if exercised smartly.

Good luck with your Cage project. My project involves deconstructing those mental cages that often confine us though we may fail to see it. These cages are cages of ideas that entrap us, and make us do irrational things.

The world is crazy, but I am fine, and I live with the hope that we change things for the better.

I am certainly trying.

7:32 PM  
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