Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Fall of Mexico
Mexico drug fighter killed after less than a day on job,2933,164890,00.html
Kidnapping, Murder Sweep Nuevo Laredo
Nuevo Laredo: a case study in macro narco-economics

and that's just the beginning.

The Mexican government is showing many of the signs of a failed state including the increase in civil violence, organized crime, and poverty.

Ironic that while America is preventing two Muslim states from failing on the other side of the Earth, we would, by legal default, encourage the failure of a major nation sharing our southern border. And what are the benefits of creating a failed state on our southern border? Well, there aren't many.

And why is America creating a failed Mexican state?

Because, everywhere you see civil instability, violence, and brutal political slayings in Mexico, you find illegal drug cartels. And why do these illegal drug cartel-families have so much power? Because, they control the value of the drugs they sell. Illegal drug cartels determine the value of the drugs they sell because national governments like the United States of America ban these products from legal trade. Prohibition only benefits two parties: government, and organized crime. While both parties jockey for power over the trade of illegal drugs, everyone else gets screwed.

I won't get into the biological complexities of why plants produce human neurotransmitters here, or why these plants have been valuable commodities for human economies since before the recollection of history. Instead, I'll just conclude that we Americans have created on our worst problems.

We won't change or fix anything until we first understand where we went wrong.

We may never do that.


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