Monday, January 05, 2009

The Book of Quixotic Council

"In the Beginning, there was nothing.

There was no beginning, there was no end, because time had yet to be dreamed. In the Beginning, there was infinity, and within infinity there was infinite potential. But, within infinite potential, there was also infinite entropy.

Thus, the VOID cooled and rained LIGHT. As Light precipitated from the Void, MATTER condensed from Light to give birth to the Universe.

The Universe is the product of infinity modulated by entropy. Therefore, the Universe carries infinite potential both internally, and externally relative to the Void.

And so it came to pass that the Universe with infinite potential cooled, and settled into galaxies, stars, and planetary systems. Great stars burned and recycled molecular matter, only to fling this new organic carbon-based matter into the far reaches of empty space. Entropy tightened the reins of gravity to further compress matter from energy. On one rocky planet, the third of many in orbit around an average Sun, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen collected, setting the stage for the existence of LIFE.

Life, like matter, is the product of energy and entropy. In a Universe of infinite potential, it did not take long for molecules capable of reproduction to rise from the ashes of the Big Bang. And so it came to pass that organic molecules constructed of masses of matter could convert sunlight into energy, eat other masses of molecular matter, fold iron-molecules into weapons of death, and invent scientology.

The Nothing did not look at it's creation to admire its existence. It was nothing. So, the bipedal primate-animal called "Man" was called by Entropy one morning to go into the forests of Life and find spirit. Starving and weary from the cold, Man found the Sacred Bread growing on the fecal remains of the Great Meat-Bison. The Man consumed the flesh of the Sacred Bread, and saw visions of the Gods and Great Ancestors proclaiming that all things were made for the purposes of Man. And thus, Nothing became God, Entropy became the Spirits, and Man became a glorified primate-animal.

And so it came to pass that with this gift of "the spirits", Man began to diversify and settle into villages and kingdoms. The world unfolded before him with great new potentials. A rock became gold, a seed became money, and art flourished like the Royal Gardens. The Chief God of Wealth was worshipped across all lands, but the gods of Entropy became angered, and squeezed the kingdoms so that they would war with each other. Thus, great armies were raised to kill and control the descendants of Man.

A thousand generations of war had passed before the descendants of Man created great rocks that would drop from the sky and unleash the power of the Great Sun on all people. This was done in the name of security, and none but the fewest of Man's descendants would survive the burned and poisoned earth. Ten Thousand years would pass before Man would re-awaken, and rebuild his lost world.

During those ten thousand years, a Shaman appeared before a family of human hunter-gatherers. The Shaman was saddened by what he saw. The family was hungry, and alone. The land was poisoned, and struggling to return to life.

"What have you done?" the Shaman asked. The family was gripped in silent fear.

"You know nothing. You should love everything," the Shaman chided. Then, he inhaled, and breathed in all the poisons and ashes of death that oppressed the Earth. Then the Shaman died, and his body vanished into the air. The family could not believe what they saw, but the Earth returned to life anyway..."

(taken from the opening text of "The Book of Quixotic Council" published by the Elite Tribal Council of Pharmaceutically-Assisted Elders, Czichaltlan Albitza, Chile, 1969 A.D.)


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