Saturday, June 20, 2009


I admire Jesus Christ.

His prose, his philosophical posturing.

Jesus is an idealist's idealist... committed to the cause of peace, love, and truth, even though it cost him his life.

In many ways I aspire to these same things, except, unlike Jesus, I cuss. It reminds me that I am still human.

And what does it mean to be human?

to love, to hate, to make love, and war, and defy fate, to draw, to lust, to create and inspire, yet still with the full capacity for grotesque and distorted acts that defy rational comprehension...

and that's just in one human day on earth.

I think the best thing that I learned from organized religion is that it is always best to doubt, and question, for we are all flawed, and incapable of perfection... although we still try.

So, fuck the system, the system is flawed. Life is all around us and it is way more meaningful.

Kinda like prose of Jesus, only more human.


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