Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Lion's Den

First things first.

I believe in science, although I often challenge contemporary scientific understanding. I also believe in God and the beauty of God's creation. It may seem a contradiction to believe in these forces, but I don't worry about the contradictions because I know I'll never understand the complete picture. I believe this is impossible with our limited human minds.

I do believe in living life the best way I can, which includes caring for the people around me and helping them when I can. I am cursed in that for what I can offer, and can really only do very little.

So, I aim small.

One person at a time.

I meet an ex-chief of police at work. He managed parking lot traffic during busy weekends at the plant nursery. Being that he was in law enforcement, I was curious to know what he knew about the plants in our plant nursery. Overtime time, I told him more and more about the plants on the yard, the ones like Datura, Passiflora, Brugmansia, Phalaris, Trichocerus, etc. These plants were once esteemed with magical healing powers. Today, we consider their metabolites, atropine, harmaline, scopolamine, DMT, and Mescaline, to be "dangerous" hallucinogenic drugs. Still, these plants are legal to grow in the U.S., and we sell them at our plant nursery.

As my friendship with this person increased, I learned more about his health. He was on prescription medications, and he complained they weren't working. I offered to make a tea for him that would help him with his physiological problems: ulcers, high blood pressure, anxiety, and acute adult ADD. I prepared the tea weekly or bi-weekly, giving him the plant matter to soak in warm water at his leisure.

This is how I made the tea: 1 part cacao powder, 1 part dried tagetes lucida leaves , 1 part dried camellia sinesis leaves, 1 part dried passiflora edulis leaves, 1 part dried cannabis indica leaves and bud, 1 part lemon verbena, a pinch of ginger and a pinch of stevia (as a sweeter).

He drank this tea daily or almost daily for three months. His medical conditions improved. He was able to stop taking his medicines. Things looked on the up and up...

and then came the drug test...

He tested hot. Of course, because cannabis is not a medicine but a drug, and it's a crime that elevated levels of cannabinoids were found in his blood stream.

Now, I get to explain why cannabinoids where in my friend's urine in court.

Now, I get to stand before the Lions in the Den and prove to them why their law is a lie.

If I must stand alone, so be it.

but deep down I know that I stand on the side of the truth.

Does Uncle Sam?

Stay tuned to find out...


Anonymous Tricia said...

So, all of those plants listed in your recipe are available in Texas? I have just recently discovered that a medication I am taking for ulcers, etc... is no longer being produced, some legal thing. Anyway, my insurance made me pay 80 bucks for the substitute. Like it was my fault the manufacturer quit making the drug. I would love to try this tea. Testing positive is not an issue for me.

I don't have a blogger account or if I do I rarely use it, but my e-mail is here...


1:45 PM  
Blogger sourmonkey said...

all the plants listed above are available in Texas. One of them may or may not be illegal. It's too bad the best medical ingredient is also the most legally dangerous.

In truth, drink the Camellia sinesis or Camellia susanqua, and take one tablespoon of hemp seed oil a day (which you should be able to find at most organic food stores) for your ulcers.

The other plants I mentioned above were supplemented to control mental anxiety. I would not recommend that you use them frequently if you do not have problems with anxiety.

The hemp oil will definitely help your ulcers. It's too bad the better elements of the hemp oil can get you into legal trouble.

I hope you stand with me to help make natural medicines more protected under the law. Natural medicines should be available to all.

5:58 PM  
Blogger said...

What was the upshot of all this?

2:18 PM  
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