Saturday, October 15, 2005

"none but all of us"

please read THIS since you already have the time.

Bill Moyers
Keynote Speech to the Society of Environmental Journalists Convention
Austin, Texas - October 1, 2005
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The Gilded Age has returned with a vengeance. Washington again is a spectacle of corruption. The promise of America has been subverted to crony capitalism, sleazy lobbyists, and an arrogance of power matched only by an arrogance of the present that acts as if there is no tomorrow. But there is a tomorrow. I see the future every time I work at my desk. There, beside my computer, are photographs of Henry, Thomas, Nancy, Jassie, and SaraJane - my grandchildren, ages 13 down. They have no vote and they have no voice. They have no party. They have no lobbyists in Washington. They have only you and me (journalists) - our pens and our keyboards and our microphones - to seek and to speak and to publish what we can of how power works, how the world wags and who wags it. The powers-that-be would have us merely cover the news; our challenge is to uncover the news that they would keep hidden.


Who is left to open the eyes of the country - to tell Americans what is happening? "There is no one left; none but all of us."

Count me in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:58 PM  
Blogger sourmonkey said...

thanks for the link.

I'm greatly interested in your Eden Project. My wife and I have started a garden, and we're growing tomatoes, garlic, potatoes, beans, and peppers to start with. We're using the "double dug" method although to be honest i didn't know it at the time we dug our garden beds. I love gardening, but I'm still a neophyte and I'll certainly poor over your gardening journal.

thanks again for the link, and I'll keep in contact. I'm interested in possibly submitting some written material to your endeavor, but I've got to give it more thought.

12:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The gilded age has returned with a vengeance? Washington is a spectacle of corruption again? When has Washington ever not been a spectacle of corruption filled with "crony" capitalists, and sleazy lobbyists? Bill Moyers speaks of arrogance as if he is not bathing in it himself. He speaks about the "unrepresented" and states that they only have 'journalists' to speak for them. Hello Bill they have something called "parents" and these "parents" lobby on there behalf and these "parents" vote on there behalf. Alsot these "parents" do not need or desire another arrogant 'journalist' telling what is best for their children's future.

1:20 PM  
Blogger sourmonkey said...

you have a good point.

I only wish that every American would act the role of "journalist". Imagine if every American took it upon their shoulders to seek objectivity, knowledge, and oversee social and political power. Then, we wouldn't need journalists like Moyers to inspire the media to follow their Constitutional responsibility.

Still, this is just an ideal. You are right, though, that the American citizen has other facets for "influencing" politics.

It's a shame American culture has stripped the traditional extended family down to the size of an unstable nuclear family. I'd like to say that there is hope that we can strengthen the family unit in America, if only for the sake of civil unity, but then again, an ideal is only an ideal, not a reality... right?

11:01 PM  

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