Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The War on Drugs

please read THIS
before continuing further...

Let's consider the following photographs:

If you didn't follow my suggestion to read the article at the above link, then you are the ideal candidate to ponder this question:

In what part of God's green Earth were the above photos taken?

Was it Iraq?

Was it Saudi Arabia?

How about the Gaza Strip or the West Bank?

If you read the article, then you already know the answer to the first question. The above photos were taken at the now infamous "Utah Rave" right here in these United States. What legal rationale was used to unleash multiple SWAT squads well eqipped with tear gas, clubs, and canines onto a crowd of "ravers"? What was the nature of the "threat" that compelled numerous law enforcement agencies to engage the crowd in such a hostile manner?

What is the nature of "freedom"?

The "War on Drugs" is a militant glorification of ignorance. It profoundly strips away the very essence of American Constitutional "freedom". During a time when our government policy makers are trumpeting the virtues of "freedom" and "democracy" abroad, at home we are losing contact with what it means to be "American". Law is mythological. Like politics and morality it is sustained within the fabric of culture by living and evolving human minds. Because "law" is a product of the human imagination, it is also subjected to the flaws and limitations of human perception. There exists within the countless cultural taboo closets of human society a body of knowledge capable of freeing the individual from the confines of social enculturation (cultural programming). Since the birth of civilization, the authorities of centralized "state" societies have been at odds with the entropic forces of "counter culture". Today, our "War on Drugs" is an extension of this conflict. The "War on Drugs" is the paradigm for a culture at war with itself.

The "Rave" is essentially a "postmodern" shamanic trance ceremony, yet without the intimate cultural framework required to avoid the pitfalls of "psychotropic" experimentation. You see, good reader, "shamanism" is essentially humanity's oldest and most widespread religion. We have militant Christian fundamentalism (i.e., the Spanish Inquisition) to thank for "demonizing" the practitioners of shamanism. With the supression of shamanic ideology, centralized state authorities (like the catholic Church, and now the U.S. Government) virtually erased most "western" knowledge of psychotropic "medicine". On the edge of extinction rests tens of thousands of generations of indigenous cultural knowledge pertaining to the potential and function of earth's flora and fauna. Without this knowledge, humanity bears the agony of omnipotent addiction.

It might seem obvious that "drugs" are problematic, and therefore need to be banned from social consumption. Indeed, "drugs" can be problematic, but the NATURE of the problem is not the "drug" in question but rather whether there exists within the mind of the drug user the proper cultural knowledge essential for managing the mind's natural propensity for addiction. In the context of the human experience, EVERYTHING can be addictive. An individual can be addicted to another human (lust, love), or to sex, or to sports, or to buying consumer products. On an individual level, our behavior, and even our identity, is determined by our never ending quest for "pleasure", "escape", "security", or "power". Some people become athletes, some people become musicians, others become stock brokers, politicians, mothers, or doctors. Consider the widespread "binging" of alchohol, tobacco, soft drinks, coffee, video games, television, shopping, and food munching, and what you might find is that our society is repleat with addictive potential. It is my opinion that our American society (specifically) encourages to a high degree the unavoidable tendencies of "pleasure" addiction. In a world filled with human "consciousness" addicts, a relative few become "illegal drug" addicts.

Within a shamanic paradigm, an individual struggling with a psychological disorder (like epilepsy... in our world this might be "ADD", "depression", "bi-polar disorder", "schizophrenia", etc.)) often passed a right of passage involving isolation, shamanic mentorship, and "psychotropic" plant medication. The neophyte shaman learned to "self medicate", and thus mastered the techniques of "spiritual" enlightenment. Using this knowledge, the shaman would become a religious leader, medical healer, storyteller, spiritual guide, and mythological legend. Within the shamanic experience, the individual experienced a reality that transcended the "natural" state of consciousness and descended into a radical multi-dimensional universe within the dreams of the unconscious mind. These experiences would assist the individual in his or her personal growth. By engaging in self-induced altered states of consciousness the oppressive boundaries of mainstream culture dissolve and the individual can experience a reality within the human mind without arbitrary limitations. Before humans invented civilization, we had mastered the chemical mechanics of our miraculous minds.

"Illegal Drugs" like cannabis sativa, peyote, psilocybin mushrooms, and DMT-containing flora have a long history of ritualized use. These plants acted as a catalyst for religious experience long before The American Bill of Rights professed the inalienable right to religious expression. The most fundamentally uniting truth underlining our Constitutional rights is the Freedom of Thought, or, the ability to THINK as the individual chooses. Indeed, this is the very essence of America.

Americans need to come to terms about the "TRUTH" about drugs. Our society is OBSSSESSED with drugs. The national news is commercially segmented by ads urging consumers to try Viagra, Cialis, or any other "pill" designed to help ease the physical and psychological stresses of our dynamic society. The pleas for "go on, try it!" resonate with the wishes of the illegal street pusher. Humanity has a LONG and profoundly significant relationship with "drugs". Our drug problem is not a problem of chemical substance, but rather one of proper cultural knowledge. By applying the creative power of our minds to the problem of "drugs", we might find highly adaptive solutions. For example, by legalizing hemp, marijuana, peyote, lysergic acid compounds, and MDMA we will most certainly open up new markets in medical and psychiatric treatments. The manufacturing potential for hemp alone could expand markets and provide new jobs in agriculture, and biofuel, paper, and rope industries. Overall, the tax revenues generated by these markets could vitalize our public education systems and provide universal healthcare for children under 18. Finally, by legalizing these "drugs" we might protect our founding father's vision for the freedom of religious experience.

The War on Drugs is unconstitutional. If our American legislators TRULY cared about the health and prosperity of U.S. citizens, it would ban NUCLEAR WEAPONS. No, instead, "The War on Drugs" perpetuates a system of oppression that arbitrarily criminalizes its citizens based on how they induce altered states of consciosuness. The War on Drugs sacrifices our freedom of thought to perpetuate a dogmatic status quo. Its time we "just say no" to political ignorance.


Blogger Gianpaolo Macerola said...

Wow dude....Have you shown any evidence as to the medicinal purpose of these drugs? I might grant cannabis, and cocain....but you have yet to show me how hallucagens do this. Furthermore, I like how you continue to reference back to the Shamans, kind of like these are the only people who actually use them.....uhhhh no. But you must realize that peyote and sativa are not illegal. Sativa you can buy at any smoke shop, it is legal. Even more to the point about "transcending our existance" or whatever, peyote is LEGAL on Native American Reservations to all who are part of tribes whose religions use it.

Now I grant that you seem like an intelligent individual, a little misguided, but intelligent nonetheless. However, the way that YOU use drugs is not the way that the majority of drug users do. I would not dismiss the adictive qualities of these drugs dude....If you do not believe that cocain is addictive, than you need to try some, cause you obviously aren't believing science, maybe you need to try some.

Now, in no way am I justifying the state action in Utah, but regulation in some respects is required. When an entity beleives (and this belief is subjective so they cannot be wrong...tee hee) that these drugs are addictive, and they force the user to do bad things like hurt others....then the rational act is to stop the use of these drugs.... I can't be wrong b/c i have different experiances than you......we are on different planes.....

10:31 AM  
Blogger MichaelMcLees said...

Gabe, states have a right to enforce their laws, even if it is at a rave. Dance party here is a misnomer. It was a rave; lots of illegal drugs are usually present at a rave. Lots of illegal drugs were found at this rave. I don't see why I should have a problem with any of this.

3:57 PM  
Blogger sourmonkey said...

-"Have you shown any evidence as to the medicinal purpose of these drugs?"

please go to:

here you'll find a small yet informative collection of links and articles pertaining to the medicinal benefit of many "illegal"drugs. Keep in mind that most of the natural "illegal" drugs, i.e. peyote, cannabis, psychotropic mushrooms, DMT conatining flora, etc, have been used RELIGIOUSLY and MEDICINALLY long before we humans ever invented history.

The refined drugs, i.e. cocaine, heroine, methamphetamines, etc., are highly dangerous and addictive, regardless of the cultural context within which these drugs are used. We have capitalism (the shadow economy kind) to thank for the refinement and abuse of these drugs. On a personal note, I do not condone the use of these substances because I believe they are far too dangerous . However, we must ask ourselves if the prohibition and suppression of cultural knowledge pertaining to these drugs is in fact making the problem worse.

-"but you have yet to show me how hallucagens do this."

Hallucinogens have been used since the dawn of time to control mental sickness (including addiction), not mention to assist in personal mental and spiritual developement. It is my opinion that the consumption of natural hallucinogens over thousands of generations set the foundation for modern society's cultural beliefs (specifically religion).

If you want to learn more, follow my link on my synthetic_universe blog, or go to your library and read some books. Here are a few:

-FOOD OF THE GODS by Terrence McKenna
-PLANTS OF THE GODS by R.E. Schultes, Albert Hoffman, and Christian Ratsch

-"Furthermore, I like how you continue to reference back to the Shamans, kind of like these are the only people who actually use them.....uhhhh no."

You totally misunderstood what I was saying. Please read more info.

-"But you must realize that peyote and sativa are not illegal."

sativa is not illegal, it is powerful, but not a traditional psychoactive powerhouse like ayuasca, psylocybin mushrooms, and peyote. Peyote IS illegal, and it can ONLY be consumed and possessed by the Native American Church. If anyone else is caught with peyote, it is a crime (care to defend your 1st Amendment rights). Ironically, peyote populations in south Texas are designated an endangered species according to the EPA, yet it is our government's prohibition of peyote that is threatening the cactus' existence. If it were braodly legal, American could cultivate it and grow it in other areas to ensure its survival. If the U.S. government were wise (and we all know it is not), it would sue itself in defense of peyote poulations in North America.

-"However, the way that YOU use drugs is not the way that the majority of drug users do."

Has it not occured to you that the reason people abuse drugs now whereas historically they were ritualistically consumed for religious purposes) is because our culture has eradicated all indigenous knowledge of sacred psychotropic consumption? Indeed, the plague of "neoshamanism" in the 1960's was the consequence of a people consuming sacred material without the proper cultural context (thanks WAR ON DRUGS). As long as our society prohibts psychotropic experiementation, "users" wil become abusers as a consequence of ignorance.

As far as medicianl purposes go, you should realize that most "modern" medicines are derived from plant substances. In fact, for every medicine you might use in your life, you can find multiple natural analogs, many of which you can grow right in your own backyard. Who needs a pharmaceutical industry? Capitalists, that's who.

-"that these drugs are addictive, and they force the user to do bad things like hurt others....then the rational act is to stop the use of these drugs"

No, the rational act is to understand the reasons why "drugs" are problematic. The reason is cultural in nature, not the chemistry of the drug. Afterall, an automobile is more dangerous than cocaine. I agree that cocaine is dangerously addictive. But the human body can metabolize cocaine quite easily. On the other hand, one could abstain from alcohol, marijuana, heroine, etc, and live a "pure" life and still die in a car accident or a plane crash. The thing is, there is more to the "drug" picture than our governemtn who have us believe. We should examine this more.

8:11 PM  
Blogger sourmonkey said...

-"states have a right to enforce their laws, even if it is at a rave."

No they don't. Many states have voted to legalized marijuana, especially for medicinal uses, but the DEA ALWAYS steps in an overrides the process of democracy. It amazes me how "conservatives" can bitch about government, but when it comes down to drugs, "government knows best". No it doesn't. The "war on drugs" is a breach of the social contract that is the COnstitution of the United States, and it overrides state autonomy on a daily basis.

-"I don't see why I should have a problem with any of this. "

You have no idea what you're talking about.

8:14 PM  
Blogger MichaelMcLees said...

You have got to be kidding me.

1- Recreational use of a variety of drugs in a state where the use of them is illegal is hardly the same as legally using marijuana for medicinal purposes.

2- You put words in my mouth. Thanks.

3- Please explain where there was a breach of the social contract in regards to this issue.

You got on Wikipedia and decided to make an issue of this where there simply isn't an issue. You asked me to comment on this issue, so I did and your comeback is a series of unrelated retorts and unfounded assertions. Please try harder next time.

4- Explain where I am wrong instead of just calling me ignorant.

1:40 AM  
Blogger sourmonkey said...

I have. You seem incapable of thinking outside of your boundaries.. I can't help you there. Only you can prevent your own ignorance... the best I can do is to try and help "save" you from your blind American self.

-"1- Recreational use of a variety of drugs in a state where the use of them is illegal is hardly the same as legally using marijuana for medicinal purposes."

for example, here you've arbitrarily drawn a line delineating two interconnected concepts: "recreational use" and "medicinal use". They are not wholly separated from one another. As far as "legal" drugs go, can you tell me that Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are "medicianl" drugs? No. These drugs are largely recreational, yet the legal drug dealers push these drugs under the context of "medicine". How about all of our "legal" drugs to control high blood pressure, cholesteral, and indigestion? Purely medicinal? I think not. Our society promotes poor eating habits, high stress environments, and social anxiety. Many legal "medicinal" drugs are simply coping mechanisms that people use to deal with environmentally and culturally induced health problems. They could NOT take their "legal" drugs and instead change their lifestyle, diet, and environment to "treat" their physical ailments, but of course, in our society, "drugs" are just easier.

-"3- Please explain where there was a breach of the social contract in regards to this issue."

you ask me to not call you ignorant, yet you demand answers that I've already provided for you. what's up with that? Okay, here's a little more info.

from FOX NEWS (not Wikipedia): (see also

"In Gonzales v. Raich, the court ruled that the Constitution's clause to "make regular" interstate commerce permitted federal agents to raid the home of a sick woman and confiscate the six marijuana plants she was growing for her own medication — all in a state whose population had overwhelmingly voted to legalize medical marijuana.


As a compromise, they included the Ninth Amendment (search), which says that the enumeration of some rights should not be construed to exclude rights not enumerated. So to answer the questions above, your rights to smoke a cigarette or consume pornography are both in the Ninth Amendment.

This is why the decision in Gonzales is so important — and so devastating. While the Supreme Court has smothered the Ninth Amendment for decades, Gonzales may serve as its obituary.

If the Ninth Amendment doesn't protect a man's right to consume whatever medicine might give him relief from pain — or that in some cases could save his life — what's left for the amendment to possibly protect?"

Is that good enough for you? Want more evidence? Start learning for yourself. There's a world of evidence out there, all you have to do is see it.

1:24 PM  
Blogger MichaelMcLees said...

I am reminded of you constantly saying in UBC debates on various issues during Coffee and Culture that we need to go through a paradigm shift. True though that may be, it isn't a real solution.

I am reminded of this because your responses don't really relate to my original statements. You seem content to read what I write, totally ignore it, cite a court case in which the facts can easily be distinguished from the facts of a rave, and then think that you've accomplished something.

Really I think that you are just trying to patronize me. You are trying to make me feel dumb for having an opinion. I read the Wikipedia article. I read what you said about it. I stated my opinion just like you asked me to; what do I get in return? "You have no idea what you're talking about."

I doubt I will be commenting on your blog any more for a while.

3:03 PM  
Blogger sourmonkey said...

You don't understand what a "rave" is. you've probably never been to a rave. A "rave" is an experience that words can't describe. The participants of a rave are nearly 100% passive. "Thugs" and "criminals" don't go to raves. Violence doesn't manifest at raves. Raves are an opportunity for human participants to dance the way their ancestors danced thousands of years ago: to seek spiritual enlightenment, cardiovascular exercise, sexual communication, and essentially, ontological freedom. Rave participants hear music they can't hear on the radio. The rythms and sounds of "rave" music are capable of inducing euphoric and cathartic experiences. Sure, "drugs" are a part of raves. Personally, I wish more people would abstain from "drugs" when going to raves, but this alone is a denial of humanity's ancient traditions of shamanic ecstasy. It is America's War on Drugs that turns a peaceful and ancient celebration of human consciosunesness into "criminal" activity. This is not acceptable, not in America.

Michael, as long as you insist on believing that "raves" are a criminal activity, you will fail to realize a profoundly significant human institution. You're plea to ignornace (and that's what it is, this "I don't need to be informed, I like my dogma" approach to REALITY) is your own making. You should learn more about this world, for no single person nor culture encompasses the entire truth.

I apologize if I've hurt you feelings, but the unconstitutional policies of this U.S. government is arbitrarily turning its citizens into criminals. I have no tolerance for this, and neither should you if you consider yourself a proud American. I've tried to inform you, and I encourage you to learn for yourself. if you can't do this, then you wallow in your own ignorance, and you perpetuate the systems of inhumanity. this is distasteful, and offensive on a humanitarian scale. I won't apologize for calling a spade a spade.

4:24 PM  
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