Sunday, November 07, 2004

Questioning Everything, as usual

What I'm about to say is likely influenced by the lingering effects of my PISSED infection.

For some time I've wrestled with the meaning of my Christian faith. God, if sHe exists, has made me a highly inquisitive person. This ontological and existential curiosity has challenged and forged my personal faith in very profound ways. In pursuing anthropological thougt, I've since come to embrace the idea that evolution through natural selection is a very real function of our physical world. The evidence for evolution is overwhelming if one truly recognizes the patterns of our world. In fact, the principles of evolutionary thinking drive the modern medical sciences which we as a society depend upon, and evolutionary forces drive our capitalist economy, technological progress, and affect every aspect of human culture and bio diversity.

Evolution does not deny the existence of God. Ironically, for me, those elements of our universe which DO imply the fiction of religious truth are found in the hypocracy of modern and historical Christian belief. "Christians" today, as they embrace social and political dogma, compell me to acknowledge the flaws in our theological doctrines, thus driving me away from religious faith. It is the self centered nature of modern Christianity, especially in America, which convinces me that all faith is ultimately empty and void of truth.

What made me PISSED about our recent illection was the fact that it was the "moral elite" which elected Bush to a second term. The FACTS about our current conflict is that our CIA armed and trained Usama Bin Ladin to build a radical fundamentalist army of Islamic zealots to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. It was our CIA which protected and provided Saddam with military intelligence to fight the Iranians in the eighties. It was Reagan and Rumsfeld who looked the other way when Saddam used chemical weapons on the Kurds and Iranian soldiers. American foreign policy created our current conflict, and it is Bush's foreign policy of division and manipulation which perpetuates those very same systems that now threaten our American democracy.

Usama Bin Ladin went on to kill over three thousand Americans on 9/11. America under Bush responded by killing tens of thousands of Aghani civilians AND OVER 100,000 Iraqi civilians! It is the Christians of America, denying Christ's Sermon on the Mount, which perpetuate the violence of our world today. If this is "Christian morality", then I have no desire to be a "Christian" anymore.

Bush lied when he said the "terrorists" hate freedom. The "terrorists" are only defending their people from American neo imperialism as it seeks to manipulate middle eastern politics to protect its access to oil. Bush's desire to spread "freedom and democracy" is a veil of untruth to disguise a foreign policy bent on oppressing a foreign people for the sake of American economic prosperity.

Instead of realizing the great humanitarian dream of Christ and promoting peace through nonviolence, forgiveness, tolerance, sacrifice, the "moral elite" of America has extended the powers of violent oppression and deception in the middle east as it divides the world at home and abroad. This, to me, is unacceptable. This flies in the face of Christ's moral mandate to humanity, and as American Christians embrace the tactics of a self centered ethic, I am left to question the TRUTH of my own faith.

Those who preach the "sanctity of life" simultaneously practice the destruction of life. I will have no part of it. If the "moral elite" in America stand for Christ, then I will have no part in it. Human culture has created many levels of belief, from economy, to law, and science. Having witnessed the current behavior of "Christian morality" I am inclined to suggest that religion too is a creation of human culture and nothing further.

In America today, GOD IS DEAD. The story of Christ appears to be purely mythological, as exemplified by the convoluted theology of the "moral elite". As for me, I will try as I may to love my neighbor AND my enemy, to exercise tolerance and forgiveness as instructed by Christ, and to turn the other cheek when confronted by an aggressor. This is, after all, the ONLY way to establish peace. But, it seems, I am alone on this endeavor, and I'm willing to accept this. What I won't accept is a morality that sacrifices others for the good of the self. America can have its religion. I will have no part of it.

Thank you, christians of America, for showing me the truth...


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