Thursday, November 04, 2004

Post illection Sickness Syndrome Enigmatically Derived

On November 3, I came down with a twenty four hour bug called PISSED (Post Illection Sickness Syndrome Enigmatically Derived). Man, this bug was nasty. I didn't really turn my stomach in as much as it induced feverish hallucinations. Today, happily, I'm somewhat over it, but I anticipate a future recurrence.

I woke up after a late night watching our national illection via the "liberal" media. After hearing the results of the illection, I was consumed by an infectious rage which urged me to renounce my religious "morality" in a very public way. I came *this* close to posting a nasty response to the results of our 2004 Illection, but I refrained from any action and eventually, the fever passed.

The thing about PISSED is that once you're infected, it's a hard bug to shake. It's kinda like Herpes (so I hear) in that it comes and goes but never vanishes completely. There is no known cure for PISSED. It's a plague on modern society.

So, in the future, if I ever say things which REALLY rile you up, just know that it's the PISSED talking and not my "rational" mind.

One of the catalysts for my PISSED infection was the notion that it was the MORAL ELITE which elected Bush to office. Rest assured, I will expound on these ideas in (near) future posts. Until that time, I'll leave you with these comments from Undezdnu who runs Understanding Politics:

Undezdnu's Blog

Exit polls analysis versus reported vote count

This is an analysis that I found about exit polls vs. reported votes in this election...its just uncanny that in every other election (except FL in 2000, and a handful of states in 2002) exit polls have been spot on, and now all of a sudden they aren't, and they are always underestimating the Republican vote (and on top of that, republicans own these voting machines with no paper trail)...there is no explanation for that to me, except that something is terribly wrong here...THERE NEEDS TO BE A VERIFIABLE PAPER BALLOT FOR OUR VOTES!!!!! DEMOCRACY IS A STAKE!!! And, no, I'm not a conspiracy nut...I just can not think of any other explanation for this!!

She provides several links worth investigating, and I recommend all of them. Perhaps in the (near) future I'll elaborate on some of these.

As a side note, I've heard many people talk about how brilliant Karl Rove is (he predicted that the exit polls in Florida were skewed and that both Florida AND Ohio would swing for Bush).

Karl Rove is the ANTICHRIST. For you Bible people, think about the qualities of the antichrist and then look at how Rove designs Bush's campaigns and platforms. The smear list goes on... Ann Richards, John McCAin, John Kerry (basically, anyone who runs against Bush). On top of that, Bush's policy of "spreading freedom and democracy around the world" (both CULTURALLY DERIVED CONCEPTS) leads me to believe that Bush has his eye on global economic dominance. Surely, Machiavelli would be proud (and if you don't know who that is, look him up).

So, my bouts with PISSED will continue. I don't WANT to perpetuate conspiracy theories, but what makes me PISSED is that it was the "moral elite" which handed Bush the Presidency.

My conclusion: MORALITY IS RELATIVE. Why? Because Christian ethics mean nothing in the "real" world.

More on this later...