Thursday, October 14, 2004

Why I Am Not Voting For George W Bush

Bush "flip flops":

-says he's a "compassionate conservative." He's pro-death penalty, pro-war, and pro-debt. Nothing compassionate about that.

- says he's a Republican. He simultaneously created America's largest deficit and America's largest government.

- said he wouldn't be a nation builder, now he is.

- said he would be a uniter, not a divider. Ooops.

- said he's pro life,ALL LIFE, and then he says he's a
"war president". How can you be both? (for you Bible
people this beggs the question can a man serve two masters?)

- said he would be a good leader. Come on, everybody knows who pulls the strings in the White House. Bush is just a face, a facade, a "likeable personality". He relys on the decisions of his cabinet members to shape his policy, probably because the man never shows any profound thought agility of his own. Besides, the Lemming that leads all the other lemmings off a cliff is ALSO a "good leader." Let's be smarter people.

Bush Says:

The Terrorists "hate freedom"-Do you know why Usama "hates freedom"?
- because when terrorists kill 3,000 freedom
loving Americans we respond by killing 12,000
to 15,000 Iraqi civilians (conservatively speaking). What makes things worse is that the Israelis do it too, WITH U.S. Apaches and firearms.

Saddam possessed "weapons of mass destruction"
This is perhaps the greatest conundrum in the history American foreign policy. Where did they go? Hmmm? Oh well, so, Bush's "Intelligence" was flawed. Who would've guessed? At least the world's second largest oil reservoir is open to the global (aghem, AMERICAN) markets!

Jesus is his favorite philosopher
- and Dr Seuss is his favorite author. If Jesus is his favorite philosopher than who is his favorite theologian, Machiavelli?

I got a "tax cut" (which is false, I got shit, but that's another story...)
- I would've gotten a little over $300. Nice. What did Bush tell me to do with my tax cut? Buy a DVD player. According to Bush, this stimulates the economy by encouraging consumer spending, which is the heart and soul of capitalism. Most of my "well spent" $300 would've gone right back into the pockets of the wealthy elite. An intersting thing about the demographics of capitalism: the upperclass saves and spends to impress, the middle class spends and saves to break even, and the lowerclass fails to save and becomes locked in consumer addiction. Of course, anyone in America can work hard, save money, and climb the ranks of social class, but they can't teach this in schools, otherwise our economy would undergo a paradigm shift (i.e. depression). Gotta keep the consumers spending! (i.e. addicts)

Democracy is alive in a new way in America. New voters are registering like it's going out of style. Political movies and DVDs are crawling out of the Hollywood underbelly like cockroaches on a moonless night. Unprecedented millions watched the Presidential debates, and even the Vice Presidential debate was juicey. I would say the air is thick with excitement, but this would be untrue. The air is thick with anxiety. On November 2nd, the entire world will be watching America to see what happens. Who will win? Will it be Kerry? Will it be Bush? Will it be the Terrorists?

It doesn't matter who wins in November, somebody is going to be pissed. No matter who wins in November, somebody is going to cry foul. No matter who wins in November, the American people are losing.

We've lost America to the special interest groups. Those with a disproportionate amount of money have greater resources, greater access, and greater influence over the legislators in Washington than do we non-corporate entities.

George W Bush has lead our country into a dark age where Americans hate Americans, while in other parts of the world it is "cool" to hate Americans. In other parts of the world it is honorable to strap a bomb to your chest and blow yourself up in a diner. In other parts of the world it is morally acceptable to fill your car with explosive material and drive it into a group of American soldiers feeding candy to children. Terrorism is a relative word. Terrorism = guerrilla warfare without the first person perspective. Terrorists exist because our gluttonous consumption of oil has driven American foreign policy to secretly pull the strings of Middle East politics, and now, the natives are restless. They want their independence from western secularism, and they're willing to kill in any way possible to get it. George Bush has only perpetuated THOSE VERY SAME SYSTEMS which motivated a group of CIA trained radical Islamic fundamentalists to fly two commercial airliners into the World Trade Center.

Bush doesn't get it. He says the economy is good, yet, the monthly reports are typically disappointing. He says Iraq is on track, yet he's never mentioned the potential reality of civil war. He says he's the best man to win the fight on terror, yet, he clearly doesn't get it.

In my opinion, four more years of this guy would be worse than an Al Qeada attack, especially when I think about the future of American prosperity.

So, this November, I am voting NOT BUSH, which means I'm voting for Kerry. Thanks to our wonderful democracy I can choose between the lesser of two evils.


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