Friday, July 30, 2004

Leaving Waco

I made it out in under ten years! ...barely. Of course, it hasn't it me yet, and who knows what it will look like when it does.

I'm might feel a little sad because I'm leaving behind some beautiful people. I've made some amazing friends during my time in Waco, and they've all inspired me in very profound ways. I'm blessed to be leaving Waco with my best friend in all the world, Bethany. Had I not naively left New Jersey nine and (355/365th) years ago, I could've never met her, and that would've been a tragedy.

I'm also leaving behind a church that I've grown very found of. This is something special to me because I don't usually like churches. I won't get into why, I'll just say that this church is something wonderful. It's a very dynamic community of idealists who desire to see through the veil of social secularism and into the heart of Christ and the design of God. I always felt inspired during the worship service, and I will miss this family very much.

I could go on about the mushy stuff, but I'll keep it at a minimum.

Well, it feels good to be leaving Waco. Austin just feels like home. I've always said that it was a little peace of New Jersey in the middle of Texas. It's the last bastion for "liberal" thinking in Texas, plus it's got music at it's heart. Can't beat that (unless you're a "conservative"... but I jest).

I'll be "blacked out" for the next week or two. Hopefully, once Bethany and I get settled, I can post some new music I'm working on.

Thank you guys for reading my blog. There aren't many, but my hit counter suggests that several people stop by everyday. Please, feel free to comment about anything.


Blogger Tom said...

Gabe - well miss you at C&C this year! I'm not sure it will be quite the same without your perspective included. Leaving Waco, but not necessarily gone for good. Watch out for the black hole that is Waco. Many have left only to find themselves back once again! Cheers.

11:43 PM  
Blogger sourmonkey said...

Tom, thanks for the note! I'll definitely miss Coffee and Culture, although I'm sure I'll be up to visit you guys occasionally. Perhaps you guys can keep me posted via blog messages...

9:51 PM  
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