Monday, July 05, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

Americans through history have fought and died to establish and protect our "freedom of speech". The least I could do is pay $5.00 to see what is possibly one of the most controversial films to date. The fact that this film has been released, despite the efforts of many to prevent it, just goes to show that American free speech is rare and precious in the dim light of historical ideological totalitarianism.

I saw this film in Colorado Springs in a downtown theater which played it on BOTH of it's two screens. This was the only feature. I decided to seize the opportunity to see it because I knew that it would never make it to Waco where I live. Waco is some thirty minutes from Bush's "Western White House" in Crawford, and there is a snowball's chance in hell that Fahrenheit 9/11 would play there. Too bad. This is a film that everyone should see. In fact, you have no right to criticize it UNTIL you've seen it. Once you've seen it, say what you will, and I will respect that. But I will not respect the critical opinion of ANYONE who judges this film without having seen it first.

Is it propaganda? Yes. Everything breaks down to propaganda at some level... don't let this deter you from seeing it. Is it anti-Bush? Yes. After seeing this film, you might be too. Moore does a fabulous job at making Bush look like a fool, but, of course, Bush does this so well in the first place... Now, I'm not some naive liberal willing to believe anything that favors my opinion. Michael Moore's recent film told me nothing new. It simply provided the video clips (NOT filmed by Moore)and the paperwork to back up the reports that I personally have heard in the news over the last five years or so. It simply reinforced what I already knew. Nope, no surprises here, just that feeling of overwhelming relief that FINALLY, SOMEONE IS LIFTING THE VEIL TO REVEAL THE DARK UNDERBELLY OF AMERICAN CAPITALISM! Thank you, Michael Moore, I can't say this enough.

Now, some of you will get angry at this. No doubt, the derogatory names are popping to mind as you read this. The truth? No matter what you believe, anything is only a PART of the truth. Look deeper. Sure, you can reject whatever you want, but you are only ensuring your own ignorance. The world is BIG. You must ask MANY questions, and look closely to even BEGIN to understand how it works. Fahrenheit 9/11 does this... at least it's a start. Is it the complete truth? No, walking out of the theater, I thought, "man, I wish he would've included how Reagan supported Saddam in the eighties", or, "I wish he would've mentioned the historic pattern of western Imperial dominance in Iraq." He did hit on the "oil war" issue, and he provided the evidence to support this idea for both Iraq AND Afghanistan. Ever hear of fascism? This movie reveals the financial ties between the Bush family, the Saudi royal family, and American politics. Some of you might dispute this... go ahead, I'd like to hear a counter argument, but you better do a good job. He also hit on the fact that most of our soldiers at war come from low economic backgrounds. They defend an economic system that keeps them within the bottom economic tier.

No, Fahrenheit 9/11 isn't the whole truth, but what is? At least it's a glimpse at a reality which most on the "right" would pretend doesn't exist... until now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moore is the left's answer to Rush Linbaugh. Why do people so full of hot air get so much attention?

11:08 PM  
Blogger sourmonkey said...

Memetic response.

People imitate their "leaders". The leaders get to be leaders by standing out from the pack and making lots of noise. You don't have to be intelligent to do this; "Dubya" is a great example.

The differences between Moore and Limbaugh are many. Moore's message is MUCH less centralized than Limbaugh's republican apologetics. "Bowling for Columbine" was about America's obsession with promoting "fear." "Roger and Me" was about GM's devastating economic grip on Flint Michigan. Bush had little or nothing to do with either of those films. Moore uses more "facts" than Rush... Rush simply spews the rhetoric of his own interpretation of conservative reality with his "talent on loan from God." Moore never equates himself with God. Actually, religion rarely comes up in his films, and he has no need to appeal to that religious sense. Limbaugh and Moore have little if anything in common, but you can believe your statement anyway.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also saw F 9/11 and I do not whole heartedly agree with it, however, I still believe it was good to see. It's like that saying, "Take everything with a grain of salt" That includes everything from Michael Moore to Rush. Anything that people say is tainted by their personal experience. If you are really trying to find the Truth than you need to look everywhere you can, even if it makes you uncomfortable, even if at first you disagree. People who want to protect their ideology will take things they agree with or things that people they respect say without that grain of salt, without question. (That is so dangerous! It is the point where we think we know the Truth that we are the furthest from it.) Yet they completely disregard things they don't agree with or people they don't respect. How do you know that what you believe is the Truth if you don't listen to all sides of things? How do you know that chair will hold you up unless you sit in it? Don't leave something as important as the Truth by the wayside simply because you are too afraid to listen! Listening doesn't covert you, you are still in complete control of your mind and your opinions, and disagreeing is perfectly okay. At least that way you know what you are disagreeing about, you know what you believe and why.
Thanks for listening,
Mrs. SourMonkey

12:18 PM  
Blogger sourmonkey said...

Thanks for posting Mrs. Sourmonkey! You comments are as wise as they are beautiful... wait... I should correct that... should I?

Oh well, I love you!

2:03 AM  

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