Sunday, July 04, 2004

Independence Day II

I could fill this space explaining why I like America... but that would be boring, and you, good reader, have been exposed to enough of that already. Instead, I'll explain why America isn't all that, after all, America is only as good as the Americans which believe it into existence, and we're only human.

First of all, we're really not that free... we couldn't be, or we would all be anarchists! The truth is, there are some things which I'm not allowed to say, well, actually, I could say them, but my blog would be shut down, and FBI (or Homeland Security) agents would come a'knockin' on my door. They might send me to Cuba (the only LEGAL way I could visit) and house me in a jail cell where I would sit in a legal blackhole indefinitely without charge (well, this was before the Supreme Court determined Bush's strategy was unconstitutional).

I'm also not allowed to take away someone's life, but I'm guaranteed the right to possess a weapon to which the sole purpose and design IS to take away someone's life. If an imperfect legal system determines that I have taken someone's life, America claims the right to take away my OWN life as punishment, despite the innate flaws of the judicial system. On top of that, most of the people who support this system of insane capital punishment also oppose abortion because "all life is precious", and they do this while simultaneously supporting war. Thanks America! You don't have to be intelligent to have an opinion, or to make a law!

American's love life. They defend their lives with nuclear weapons. That's wonderful! "Life is precious, and if you mess with us, we'll irradiate the whole country, and the Earth with it!" Once again, Americans prove the extent of their vision... a little history, a lotta here and now, and no future. Any animal can threaten another for social rank and security. We should be smarter than this.

The problem with America is the politicians. I'm sure most of you will agree with me here. Why don't we have intelligent leaders in government? Power. Intelligent people understand power to be illusory. People who hunger for power seek to get it, and we, through the miracle of democracy, give it to them.

Now, I like America because I can say these things, and the only people who wish me harm are conservatives, and I'm not worried about them. I like America because it is my home, and I wish to improve it for the better, for the sake of my children. I'm working on that...


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