Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I Quasi-Hate Anarchists

Well, a tragedy has occured. That great vassal for open political and social dialogue called Understanding Politics has been taken out by hackers. Damn them. Civil disobedience is one thing, but striking out at a forum that provides a conduit for open and honest discussion is downright stupid and represents a complete mis-application of resources.

Self proclaimed "Anarchists" are even more ignorant than the blind "moral elite" which feed oppression and perpetuate dogma. "The System" is necessary for all human life, including the anarchist's. Ideological tendencies which seek to undermine "The System" in chaotic ways are latently suicidal.

If you get your kicks from destroying "systems" of free and open dialogue, then you should place a gun to your own head and promptly pull the trigger. This will MAXIMIZE your addictive fix for "suicidal" destruction.

This rant has been brought to you by:

ENTROPY! Wears the World Away!

and by:

The Carbon-Based Corporation for Bodily Genetic Regeneration

and by:

Homogenous Minds Like Yours!


Blogger sourmonkey said...

Editor's note:
(where has HE been all this time???)

Understanding Politics is now back online. Yeay!

Oh well, I still quasi-hate anarchists...

12:01 PM  

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